'90 Day Fiance': Mike Comes Clean to Natalie About His Debt

Mike and Natalie from '90 Day Fiance'

'90 Day Fiance' couple Mike and Natalie are talking out a few major issues in their relationship.

90 Day Fiance couple Mike and Natalie are talking out a few major issues in their relationship.

During last week's episode, Natalie had a breakdown over Mike not believing in God -- Mike explained that rather than religion, he believes in aliens -- although she is very religious. During Sunday's episode of the hit TLC reality show, Natalie explains to a frustrated Mike that when they have a child together, she doesn't want the baby to be "confused" about his parents' different beliefs.

Natalie, who's 35 and hails from Ukraine, has also been pushing hard to have a baby while 34-year-old Mike says he isn't ready. When the couple was first introduced to viewers, Mike confessed to TLC cameras that a part of the reason he wants to hold off on having kids is because he is in financial debt, which he hasn't told Natalie.

For his part, Mike also begins to have his own reservations about Natalie. Mike  -- who flew to Ukraine to visit Natalie after her K-1 visa got denied and she said she needed to see him for emotional support -- says Natalie is making him feel like he's a bad person because of his personal beliefs, and leaves the house out of frustration. While Natalie worries when Mike leaves since he left without warning and is in a foreign country without knowing the language, Mike explains to cameras that he went out to get a beer and spend some time alone. Mike, who hails from a small town in Washington, says Natalie is making everything "stressful" and begins to express some doubts about their relationship.

Mike eventually clears his head and returns, and Natalie apologizes and admits she is "egotistical" and that it's hard for her to be vulnerable. Michael then confesses to her that a big reason he wants to wait to have a baby is because he is $30,000 in debt. For her part, Natalie doesn't get angry at him and tells him that he is "a good man" and that when she comes to America, she promises to work and help him out. But she does tell TLC cameras that had she known about his debt, she probably wouldn't have entered into a relationship with him, though currently, her fiance needs her "understanding."

The two end on a hopeful note, with Mike saying the two needed time to build their relationship.

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