'90 Day Fiancé': Mohamed Tells Yve She Wouldn't Make a Good Mother to Their Child 

Mohamed says Yve was raised with 'too much freedom.'

Mohamed is getting brutally honest about potentially having children with Yve. On Sunday's episode of 90 Day Fiancé, he told her that he didn't want to have children with her because she doesn't follow Islam and was raised with too much freedom.

Mohamed, 25, and Yve, 48, have had issues after he moved from Egypt to New Mexico due his expectations of her which she said she didn't anticipate. Yve isn't Muslim and was taken aback by Mohamed telling her she could no longer be in the same room with another man alone and he also wants her to dress more conservatively and no longer wear bikinis. During Sunday's episode, Yve brought up the possibility of having a child with Mohamed. Yve is already a mom to her son, Tharan, who has special needs. She said that Mohamed would make an "amazing" father and that she would love to share that experience with him but knew her age was a factor. But Mohamed didn't feel the same way about her as a mother to their possible child, and insisted that any child of his would have to be raised Muslim.

"So, let me make something clear," he told her. "My child, you can't get them confused about his religion while I'm teaching him something. ... It's very simple. My child will be Muslim. ... At this point, let me be straight to you. If my child will not be a Muslim, I prefer not to have a child."

"If the child will be raised in the spirituality that Yve believes in, it's going to end up with a kid drinking alcohol, and dating, and doesn't know what he should do," he added to cameras. "Yve was raised with, let's say, too much freedom. And I don't think she's going to be a good behavior for my child."

Yve said Mohamed wasn't being fair and was shocked.

"Ultimately, I want our child to be able to pick what they want to believe in at some point and I don't think that he has a realistic perspective on that, so I don't know whether I am OK with this," she told cameras.

ET recently spoke to Yve about her rocky journey with Mohamed so far this season, and she said that contrary to fans' beliefs, Mohamed never told her that she had to convert to Islam to make their relationship work.

"And if he did want me to, if he was serious that he wanted me to potentially follow the Muslim faith, then he should have said that to me," she pointed out. "And knowing that I would not convert, that probably could have ended our relationship right then and there if that was conveyed to me and that was never conveyed to me. ... I was very clear with him about how I am. I'm a professional woman. I of course will take on these roles as a wife, but I'm definitely not a housewife. So I was very clear about like, I know women sometimes don't work there, but that's not my situation. I'm a professional and I'm not going to quit working. So, don't expect me to just be home baking cakes and three meals a day, because that's not probably going to happen. So we did talk a lot about the future, about what he would do when we got here as far as personal training and he's a food engineer and the job opportunities here."

She also addressed Mohamed's hypocrisy when it comes to his religion and culture. For example, while Mohamed strictly adheres to his religion for the most part, he doesn't have an issue sleeping with Yve even though they're not married.

"For sure. I have a problem with that because when I feel that there's levels of double standards or hypocrisy and somebody wants to try to have me follow them and impose them on me, then yes, I'm going to question that," she shared. "As I do as a person in general. I question everything. I love research and I love learning. So when something seems like it's a double standard or has some aspect of hypocrisy in it, no, that doesn't sit well with me. And I don't think it's fair because just like the bikini thing, you're upset about that, but you can pose pictures of yourself [shirtless]."

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