'90 Day Fiance': Natalie Gives Mike Back His Engagement Ring After Admitting She Doesn't Love Him

Mike and Natalie from '90 Day Fiance'

Mike left Natalie -- and Ukraine -- on a sour note on Sunday's episode of '90 Day Fiance.'

Mike left Natalie -- and the Ukraine -- on a sour note on Sunday's episode of 90 Day Fiance.

Mike, 34, and Natalie, 35, have had a lot of ups and downs during his visit to the Ukraine from Washington, fighting about everything from her wanting to have children right away while he wanted to wait, and arguing about her being deeply religious while he shared that he believes in aliens rather than God. The couple also had a big argument after he questioned why her K-1 visa got denied, bluntly asking her if she ever applied for the K-1 with another man or was hiding something from him, which not surprisingly, upset Natalie.

Their arguments came to a head on Sunday's episode when during an interview with TLC cameras, Natalie couldn't bring herself to say that she loved Mike. She explained that he was a "great man" and they had "potential," but acknowledged that it would "be a lie" to say that she loved him. At that point, Mike walked out of the interview, and said her words were especially hurtful given that she had told him plenty of times before that she loved him. Meanwhile, Natalie insisted that it was OK for her not to be sure about her love for Mike given that they've only seen each other three times, and that she would rather be honest than lie.

Things are tense between the couple after the interview and as Mike packs up to go back to Washington, Natalie throws back the engagement ring he had given her back in his suitcase.

"I don't have to keep your ring," she tells him, clearly hoping to get a reaction out of him though Mike remains calm.

Later, Natalie tells cameras that she was hoping Mike would fight for her after the dramatic move, but he didn't.

After Mike awkwardly said goodbye to Natalie's mom, he asks Natalie if she wants to say goodbye to him or not, and Natalie tells him he needs to apologize. Mike refuses, and their relationship is now up in the air.

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