'90 Day Fiancé' Recap: Gino Suspects Jasmine Is Cheating on Him With Her Ex Dane (Exclusive)

Gino is getting suspicious of Jasmine's handsome ex, Dane, whom she's been lying to him about the whole time.

Gino is getting deeply uncomfortable with Jasmine's relationship with her ex-boyfriend, Dane. On Sunday's episode of 90 Day Fiancé: Before the 90 Days, Gino starts to suspect Jasmine is cheating on him.

Gino and Jasmine have been on shaky ground since he arrived in Panama to visit her. Though the two are still engaged -- and he agreed to not require her to sign a prenup before they tie the knot, though he later got upset when she asked him to get a will -- it's clear they still have big issues to figure out. One issues is that Gino can't keep up with Jasmine's high sex drive and on Sunday's episode, she confided in her ex that this was an issue. Dane actually lives in the same apartment building as Jasmine but Gino doesn't know that or that he's her ex. In order to talk to Dane, Jasmine lied to Gino and said she was running errands but instead called Dane, who was away on a family vacation.

"I feel bad about lying to Gino that I'm gonna do some errands, but I just really need some space by my own," she told cameras.

During Jasmine's phone call to Dane, she called him "baby" and told him that Gino didn't want to have sex with her. When asked by producers if it was hypocritical that she was talking to Dane but would never let Gino talk to an ex, she justified it by saying she was "more trustworthy" than Gino.

"I can separate a romantic relationship from a friendship," she insisted. "I have the maturity to do so -- Gino doesn't."

During Jasmine and Dane's conversation, Dane took her aside and said that she should be with someone who was confident like her. After he told her she deserves someone "really incredible," Jasmine cried.

"He makes me feel like I'm not good enough sometimes," she told Dane. "I love him. I just want to be loved, you know, like, but in a healthy way."

Dane suggested couples therapy and told her that he would always be there for her. Jasmine said she knew she needed to fix her issues with Gino before marrying him since her biggest fear was moving to the United States to be with him and ending up miserable. 

Later, Jasmine took Gino out to go salsa dancing and to meet her friends, Yira and Juana. Things got uncomfortable when Yira asked Jasmine if she used the butt plugs that she bought her and Jasmine bluntly asked Gino in front of her friends if he's ever had anal sex with another person. Gino asked to change the subject, which is when Yira shared that she and Jasmine bonded over both their exes cheating on them. Gino said he would never cheat on Jasmine despite them being long-distance and hoped that she never cheated on him. Curiously, the camera flashed to Jasmine moving her hands away from Gino after he said that. He then told cameras that he suspected something was going on with Jasmine.

"Before we left the apartment, Jasmine was acting a little strange," he said. "She was giving me short answers and seemed to be avoiding me. I felt something was off so I confronted her about it. And she admitted to me that earlier today she was video chatting with a friend, Dane. I've been trying to let it go for the night, but I don't understand why she was hiding it from me in the first place."

"Up until this point, I never questioned Jasmine cheating on me," he continued. "But to be honest, I don't know everything Jasmine's doing in the 18 months we've been apart. And with all the fighting between us and now she's being so sneaky about talking to this guy, that's very suspicious."

During a moment alone with Yira, Gino asked her about Dane and Yira told him that Jasmine dated him in 2019 right before she met him. She said Jasmine and Dane were still good friends but assured him that Jasmine wanted to marry him. Understandably, Gino was still unhappy with the information and pointed out to cameras that Jasmine was hypocritical since she would lose her mind if he was still talking to an ex.

"So the fact that Jasmine's ex is in her life and she's hiding that from behind my back, that's a big red flag to me," he said. "Something's going on here."

ET spoke to Jasmine about this season of 90 Day Fiancé: Before the 90 Days, and she talked about her handsome ex and why it didn't work out between them.

"He's a person you can trust," she said of Dane. "He's handsome, he's rich. I mean, he has so many good qualities."

"Dane is a good guy and he's handsome. But I need chaos, I need passion," she added. "I need someone that's gonna give me that fight. With Dane, he was too delicate like a prince and that's not my style."

Jasmine said that Dane was the first person Gino ever got jealous of and that she found it "cute" that Gino criticized him when he made it a point to not talk badly about anybody else.

"So for the first time in a while, he's saying these kind of nasty things about a person. I was kind of like, oh, that was cute for me," she continued. "I know that's crazy but I was like, that is super cute because he was actually intimidated by him. Yeah, this is a person that is not just good-looking but he is filthy rich. I mean, any woman would be like yes, why not, but not me, I'm a special breed."

As for if she cheated on Gino, Jasmine was coy.

"Oh, well, a lot is happening and you know, people have different definitions of cheating," Jasmine told ET.

She did acknowledge she would be "pissed" if Gino did what she did.

"I would be mad but my definition of cheating is like, you look at another person, you're cheating on me, OK?" she noted. "So using my own definition of cheating, I have to be fair to Gino. He's saying, like, you're cheating on me at that moment according to my own definition, maybe. Maybe I was, I don't know -- yes, maybe, yes, maybe no. You have to watch the show, you're gonna be surprised."

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