'90 Day Fiancé' Recap: Mary and Brandan Get Into a Disturbing Fight on His Way to the Philippines

Mary and Brandan's volatile relationship is becoming more and more concerning.

Mary and Brandan's volatile relationship is becoming more and more concerning. On Monday's episode of 90 Day Fiancé: The Other Way, Brandan finally traveled to the Philippines to be with Mary after the two had been video chatting with one another almost 24 hours a day, but they got into a huge fight before he even arrived due to Mary's intense jealousy.

Mary and Brandan, both 23, have caused a lot of stir among 90 Day Fiancé viewers due to their obsessive relationship. Aside from constantly video chatting even while the other person is sleeping or going to the bathroom, they both don't like the other talking to anyone of the opposite sex -- even if it's Brandan's mom or sister or if it's a completely innocent interaction such as talking to the dentist. Mary also said she dropped out of college and stopped dancing and modeling due to Brandan's jealousy. Meanwhile, Brandan said he'd lost jobs because he couldn't video chat with her constantly.

On Monday's episode, Brandan shared that he only had $250 in his bank account since he'd been giving nearly all of his money to Mary because they're building a house in the Philippines for them to live in. He estimated that he'd given her $50,000 to $60,000. While his godparents -- who let him live in an RV on their property rent free -- gently told him that it worried them because his relationship with Mary might not work out and the two hadn't even met in person yet, there was no turning back for Brandan.

"I know for a fact that we both really want this and nothing's gonna drive us apart," he said.

He also said he didn't have any backup plan if he and Mary broke up, even though they constantly fight over their jealousy.

"Me going to the Philippines and being with Mary, that is my only plan," he said. "That is the plan for my future so I have a lot of faith in that."

At the airport, his mom -- whom he recently reconnected with after a rocky childhood due to her losing custody of him when she failed a drug test -- tearfully said goodbye to him. Brandan's mom is against his relationship with Mary given that it has prevented her from having a closer relationship with her son, but she reiterated that he could call her anytime if things weren't working out in the Philippines.

Brandan had to take three flights to get from Oregon to where Mary lived in the Philippines. But just 20 minutes into the first flight, when Brandan was able to get wi-fi, Mary asked to see who he was sitting next to and got upset when it was a woman -- despite Brandan having no control over who he sat next to.

"You always want to be with girls," she messaged him.

Even though Brandan insisted he wasn't talking to the woman, Mary continued to get more and more upset, which he said left him "scatterbrained." He then switched to a seat where he wouldn't be sitting next to anyone just to appease her. Still, she called him a liar.

"I feel like I can't win," Brandan told cameras. "I don't know what to do to appease Mary's demands."

Meanwhile, Mary continued to get irate.

"F**k you," she messaged when he updated her that he was done with his first flight. "F**k your girl."

When he got on the second flight she once again accused him of always sitting next to girls even though he wasn't. She continued to berate him, calling him a "cheater and a liar," and messaging him that she didn't want to see him and not to come because she was "DONE."

Brandan commented, "We're just so used to overthinking and fighting over the phone that it's just become normal for us, but I can only tolerate it up to a certain point. ... It makes me very worried about whether or not I'm making the right choice going to the Philippines and committing my whole life there."