'90 Day Fiance' Stars Chantel and Pedro Are Working Through 'Trust' Issues While Under Quarantine (Exclusive)

'90 Day Fiance' season 4 stars Chantel and Pedro are using their extra time together under quarantine to strengthen their relationship.

90 Day Fiance season 4 stars Chantel and Pedro are using their extra time together under quarantine to strengthen their relationship.

ET spoke with the couple ahead of their appearance on the latest TLC spinoff, 90 Day Fiance: Self-Quarantined, which debuted on Monday on TLC. They're two of the more than 40 cast members from the show's six-year history who are giving updates on their lives amid the coronavirus pandemic.

Chantel and Pedro are one of the most memorable couples in the show's history, which documented the two falling in love after they met during a trip Chantel took to the Dominican Republic. Still, there were plenty of problems the couple had to work through, including explosive fights with not just one another, but between their families. The two eventually married and now live in Atlanta, Georgia, but are still working through their issues.

Pedro jokingly complained to ET's Lauren Zima that all Chantel wanted to do was "kiss and cuddle" while under quarantine, but on a more serious note, Chantel said they've been able to put things into perspective and quiet everything down.

"Just spending quality time together has been great for us, in the midst of everything, it's done a lot for our relationship," she says. "We have deeper conversations with one another now."

"You can't go anywhere," Pedro adds with a laugh. "You can't escape."

Pedro said the two are still "working through things." Chantel specifically said they're getting better at their trust issues but clearly, they're not 100 percent there. During a memorable episode of 90 Day Fiance: Happily Ever After, Pedro got a lap dance in the Dominican Republic as his family cheered on, which the couple told ET she slapped him for after she found out.

"Right now, he can't go anywhere," Chantel jokes. "Yeah, I trust Pedro. I trust him, the only problem that's ever been between Pedro and I in regards to trust has happened, like, when you were in the Dominican Republic, like, around your family. I trust Pedro, I just don't trust people around him and that he's strong enough to put his foot down for me."

Meanwhile, Pedro argued that Chantel is referring to a "different time" earlier in their relationship, and that he does put his foot down.

"Now, you can trust me because we are past ... like, we're leaving this behind," he tells Chantel. "It's not gonna happen again, I promise."

An unamused Chantel replies, "He can say it, but I mean ... I do hope you've learned from your mistakes."

As for their well-documented family issues, which led to their spinoff, The Family Chantel, Chantel says it's still very much a problem.

"Family issues, are they ever ending? Like, they're never ending and I feel like that's an ongoing thing that you have to continuously work at," she shares. "And I mean, hopefully certain things will all just come out in the wash because you have to get over certain things and let them go, so, family is definitely still an issue for us."

Chantel, who's been away from her family in order to practice social distancing, says season 2 of The Family Chantel is still up in the air.

"We're not currently filming anything right now besides the quarantine special," she says. "We're not sure if there's anything else for us in the future, but we would like to."

Pedro and Chantel do express regret at some of their more intense on-air fights -- including when Chantel's mom ripped out Pedro's sister's weave -- and talked about what needs to happen for their family relationships to get better. They shared that they're not planning to have children before they're able to work out all the drama between their families.

"There definitely needs to be more work between me and Pedro's family, him and my family, before we would feel comfortable with even letting our child be out of our presence with that family member, honestly," she says.

"For our family to be in a better place, we need to have conversations with one another, come to agreements, you know, mend fences in a way," she continues. "There needs to be some apologies and I feel like we can't be civil with one another. We are not civil with one another, honestly. And I'm just waiting for that day when we can have just some common ground."

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