'90 Day Fiancé: Sumit's Dad Says He Will Legally Block Him From Marrying Jenny

Sumit also gets legally divorced.

While Sumit was able to overcome one major hurdle when it comes to marrying his girlfriend, Jenny, on Sunday's episode of 90 Day Fiancé: The Other Way, their path to marriage will definitely not be a smooth one.

On Sunday's episode, Sumit was able to finally get officially divorced from his first wife. Their marriage was an arranged one, and Sumit has previously said he was suicidal because he didn't want to be with her. Sumit's dad paid $20,000 for the divorce, which Sumit said he would pay him back for eventually.

Although Sumit is relieved at the good news -- especially since his ex-wife also filed charges against him for being physically and mentally abusive, which he denied, and the charges ended up getting dismissed -- the reality of his current situation also crept in. Sumit's dad said he needed to pay him back the money as soon as possible, and Sumit said he was in a hard position given that Jenny wanted him to stay at home all the time because she doesn't know the language and they don't live in the safest area. Sumit's father -- who also previously said he and Sumit's mom don't approve of his relationship with Jenny given their 29-age gap -- also bluntly said they would never approve of the relationship. He said he would go so far as to legally block Sumit from marrying Jenny, which is a huge problem given that Sumit needs to marry Jenny in order for her to be able to stay in India with him.

Sumit's dad also again questioned why he wanted to be with someone so much older than him. Sumit pointed out his first marriage and how unhappy he was when he didn't get to make his own decision, but Sumit's dad noted that that was "just one girl."

To make matters worse, Sumit said he would have to work three jobs in order to pay for the divorce and a life with Jenny. He currently works as a chef at a restaurant, though not full-time, and he also asked his friend for a marketing job, which would only pay him $100 a week.

ET spoke with Jenny last month, and she commented on Sumit's parents not accepting their relationship. She said that their previous on-camera comments that they didn't know that she and their son were in a romantic relationship when she first came to India were lies.

"Of course they knew we were in a relationship, we've been together since 2011 and [I came to India in] 2013, so, they knew," she said. "That's all I can say. They have their reasons for not wanting to admit that they knew we were in a relationship. They have their reasons and I can't say what the reasons are, but I know what they are, and you'll find more about what happens with me and his parents as the season moves along."

As for a possible engagement between the two, she talked about what could happen if they made the decision without his parents' approval. Sumit's parents have already said they do not support the two getting married. But 90 Day Fiancé fans have speculated the two are already engaged given Sumit's recent Instagram post, in which Jenny sports a ring on her left ring finger.

"Well, the consequences would probably not be good," Jenny said. "His mom already said what she would do, what would happen if we did something like that. She has said it in the past, she has said it again, and you'll see, you'll find out when the season starts up again."