'90 Day Fiancé': Tania Says She Doesn't Want to Divorce Syngin

On the latest '90 Day: The Single Life,' Tania and Syngin reveal they're still sleeping together after their breakup.

When it comes to 90 Day Fiancé stars Tania and Syngin's breakup, it's complicated. On the latest episode of 90 Day: The Single Life, Tania tearfully told Syngin she doesn't want to go through with their divorce.

Tania and Syngin announced their shocking split in October after four years together. He later appeared on 90 Day Bares All and shared that they ultimately decided to end their marriage because he didn't want to have kids and she did. But on Friday's episode, Syngin shared that the two were still sleeping together and doing things couples do together even after they split.

"You know, it's always kind of strange because while I'm having sex with her, I'll be like, 'Damn. I'm not going to have sex with her again. I'm breaking up,'" he told cameras. "So, it's not the normal kind of sex, you know? It's almost heartbreak. I almost want to start crying. But, I'm down to have sex regardless if I'm happy, sad, crying."

The two were also still living together.

"There is a part of me that hopes Syngin and I can still, like, work out, and maybe we can," Tania admitted to cameras. "I didn't marry him thinking it would end this way, I married him for a future."

But Syngin noted that divorce was "the best way forward" for both of them and said they needed to have a conversation about boundaries now that they've split up. 

"Me and Tania are still doing things that couples do," he acknowledged. "But it's time to step up and get the divorce going. It's really hard because it's the cycle of talking about separating but both of us are too chicken to actually do it because there's a lot of emotional investment that we've put into our relationship."

Later, the two talked about divorce and Tania admitted to cameras that she doesn't want to pull the trigger.

"I want to be intimate, I still want to kiss. Why not?" she said. "We're together, we're still living together. Technically, yeah, we're separating, but we're not actually separated yet, like, I don't consider myself single as of yet, until he's finally out from under the same roof as me."

Syngin told Tania that although he had a lot of love for her, he knew they needed to put up boundaries. But Tania was hesitant.

"I'm struggling because I don't want this to happen," she responded. "Are we getting a divorce or are we getting separated? What do we even do? Separation, you're still legally married, you're separated. But I was thinking that is something to think about, separation or a divorce, you know, what does it look like if we do spend six months apart and like, working on ourselves and working on our own happiness."

Syngin said that that wouldn't work for them since their differences were too big, particularly when it came to having children.

"It's not like I want children now," Tania tearfully responded. "I just want to be knowing that I can be working towards that, you know?"

But Syngin insisted that he didn't want to have children, even though he tried to want it for her.

"I imagined us, like, growing old, having kids together," Tania said. "Why couldn't we have it? Like, I just don't get the why. ... I just had so much hope. It makes me so angry at both of us. I just feel like we didn't try."

Syngin was also emotional and called the decision to get a divorce one of the worst moments in his life. Still, he knew they couldn't get past wanting different things for their future.

"It breaks my heart because I know it's something you really want," he told Tania about having kids. "And I love you so much, I want to give you everything that you want, but I just can't do that."

Syngin and Tania starred on season 7 of 90 Day Fiancé, when he moved from South Africa to Connecticut to be with Tania. Although he struggled to adjust to life in Connecticut amid other issues like not wanting to settle down, the two got married. During his appearance on 90 Day Bares All, Syngin said that ultimately what caused the split was that he didn't want to have children and Tania did, but acknowledged that things had already "been rough" for a couple of months.

"It's not something that you just wake up, 'OK, I am going to leave the person I love the most right now,'" he said. "It's been times where, you know, you're almost forced to be happy, but you're kind of holding onto love. And you're like, how are we arguing this much? How's our lives gotten to this? ... You end up holding on to that love way too long and I think it just damages more in the end."

"This is a big decision for me, because I knew once I tell her this, it's gonna be the end of us," he said about finally telling her he didn't want to be a father. "But I still knew that I have to do this because even though I love her so much and want to give her whatever she wants, if I give her this, it might just impact me negatively and the whole relationship and everything can get way worse. So, the children was definitely the deciding factor in everything."