'90 Day Fiancé': Syngin Splits From Tania and Joins 'The Single Life' Season 2

Tania and Syngin from '90 Day Fiance'

Colt's mom, Debbie, will also be a part of season 2 of '90 Day: The Single Life.'

It's over between 90 Day Fiancé season 7 couple Syngin and Tania. After fans watched Syngin move to America to be with Tania after the pair met and fell in love in his native South Africa, the two have split and Syngin is joining season 2 of 90 Day: The Single Life.

Tania and Syngin dated for four years. Syngin struggled to adjust to life in Connecticut after moving from South Africa, and the two also weren't on the same page about having children. Tania definitely wanted to be a mom sooner than later, while Syngin was unsure about when he wanted to have kids. Tania confirmed that they broke up on Sunday.

"Some rumors are true — #SingleLife New Season was announced and yes I am single, @syngin_colchester is single — we're all single!!" she wrote on Instagram. "Now don't go all at once to his DMs ladies or he’ll never be able to sort them all out."

Syngin and Tania appear to still be on good terms, with Syngin commenting on Tania's post, "Good luck on your journey" and adding fire emojis.

On Monday, TLC announced Syngin will be part of season 2 of 90 Day: The Single Life, premiering Friday, Nov. 12 on Discovery+ with a special two-hour episode. Joining Syngin so far this season will be fellow 90 Day Fiancé stars Stephanie and Colt's mom, Debbie. The show follows past 90 Day Fiancé stars looking for love again after their original 90 Day Fiancé journeys didn't work out how they wanted.


Syngin and Tania last appeared on 90 Day Bares All in March and were still very much together, candidly opening up about their sex life. Still, the two have always dealt with big issues in their relationship when it comes to agreeing on what they want for their future. Last June, Syngin told ET that moving back to South Africa was still very much a possibility for him despite starting a new life in Connecticut with Tania. Tania was also blunt about still having to work things out with her husband.

"If relationships were built only on love, we would have the best relationship ever," she told ET at the time. "But we're two individual people with our own habits and likes and dislikes and minds and thoughts. If we can blend all that together, we'll see."

"He's still trying to figure it out, and I'm trying to figure out what's a healthy boundary for me," Tania -- who infamously once told Syngin she didn't consider him her soulmate -- added about where they stood on having kids. "I'm not going to pressure him into having kids or not or even pressure him into making a decision, but I need to figure out for me, how long do I feel comfortable waiting? I want to start planning this future. I want to start thinking about what it looks like to start building, to have a stable life to bring children into this world and I'd like to plan that with my husband, but we'll see."