'90 Day Fiancé' Tell-All: Jeymi Says Kris Only Paid for the Rent Once and Has Proof

Kris and Jeymi hurtled bombshells against one another during part 2 of this season's tell-all special, including cheating accusations.

Jeymi and Kris still have plenty of bad blood after the end of their marriage. During part two of this season of 90 Day Fiancé: The Other Way's tell-all special, Kris and Jeymi talk about what caused their split and each heatedly accused one another of blatantly lying and dropped serious accusations against one another. 

Kris and Jeymi's marriage was short-lived after Kris returned to Alabama from Colombia because she said she had to take care of a court case and had to work to support them since she couldn't work in Colombia. But Jeymi accused Kris of then ghosting her, barely calling her and staying in the United States for months, which wasn't the plan. The marriage came to an ugly end when Kris came back to Colombia and physically pushed Jeymi out of a car during an intense argument. During the tell-all, Kris said she blacks out when she's angry and that she tried to get away from Jeymi, but Jeymi followed her. For her part, Jeymi said she "fell in love with a scam" and with "someone that doesn't exist." 

Kris reiterated that she was "working day and night" in America for them while Jeymi didn't have a job. But Jeymi shockingly said that she only ever received one rent payment from Kris and had the proof, though Kris continuously claimed throughout the season that she paid for everything for them. Kris acknowledged that only one payment was made from her bank, but insisted that she sent money to her mother to send to Jeymi another time. Kris claimed she spent $10,000 on their relationship in total and Jeymi said she personally never received that money and that Kris in fact only gave her $1,150 or less. Still, Kris acknowledged she didn't think Jeymi used her for money.

"I think she took advantage of the fact that I worked hard and she knew she could ask for something and I'd give it to her," Kris said. "Even through everything, I just wanted her to understand that everything I was doing while I was away was for her. ... I was doing stuff for our future and trying to provide."

Jeymi was unmoved and showed cameras that she only got one money transfer from Kris for $746. She said that to this day, she was still paying off debts related to the apartment they shared. The argument then turned to Kris claiming Jeymi cheated on her three times, the second time resulting in a car accident.

"I left work mad and upset, and I flipped my car," Kris said. "I rolled my car and she was terrified because she knew that I could have died because of my health injuries. ... Keep playing victim because that's what you're good at."

Kris insisted that there was no debt and that she would have helped Jeymi move apartments and would still help her move to America to this day by sponsoring her. Jeymi called her "crazy" but the one thing they could agree on was that they were no longer together. Kris said that even before they met in person in Colombia, she was contacted by another woman who told her that Jeymi was playing her and telling her the exact same things about wanting to get married and starting a business together. For her part, Jeymi admitted to cheating on Kris once although Kris insisted that it was three times.

"I'm not the f**king crazy one," Kris said. "I loved her and I still wanted to make things work even after all that because she was the first person that I ever loved that was female."

For her part, Jeymi said she only talked to the other woman because Kris ghosted her for a month, so she thought the relationship was over. But one person who was on Kris' side was Debbie, who called Jeymi a "predator" who took advantage of Kris because it was easy to manipulate someone who has "suffered." But both Gabe and Veronica disagreed. Kris got emotional and said she still loved Jeymi. Jeymi was not having it and said it was unfair for everyone to judge her when Kris disappeared for 20 days. She also came out with a bombshell accusation of her own.

"She never say 'I am sorry' for this and only say, 'You cheat me! You cheat me!,'" Jeymi said heatedly. "But everything is over. And the other part she not say, at the same time this woman appears in Kris' life, her ex-boyfriend was sending me photos of her naked, having sex, etcetera. Nobody talks about that."

The cast reacted in shock as Jeymi said she was going to pull up the photos. The third and final part of the tell-all airs next Sunday at 8 p.m. on TLC.