'90 Day Fiancé' Tell-All: Oussama Admits to Calling Debbie 'Thousands' of Times to Get Back Together

Oussama and Debbie reunited after their explosive breakup during part one of this season's tell-all special.

Oussama and Debbie virtually reunited after their big breakup during part one of this season of 90 Day Fiancé: The Other Way's tell-all special that aired on Sunday on TLC. Oussama admitted that after Debbie left Morocco after accusing him of just using her to get a green card, he called her "thousands" of times to try to get back together but then said he was now no longer in love with her.

Debbie and Oussama's relationships drew suspicion from the start given their 43-year age difference. Still, Debbie packed up her things and moved to Morocco from Georgia to be with him, but things went downhill fast. Oussama insisted that the plan was for her to take him to the U.S. so he can work as a poet all along, but Debbie claimed he never told her that. She eventually left after their breakup with the encouragement of her son, Julian, and said she never wanted to speak to Oussama again. 

During the tell-all, Oussama appeared virtually from Morocco and said he had tried to get in touch with Debbie after their breakup, calling her "thousands" of times but she didn't respond. He insisted that he had never told Debbie the plan was for her to move to Morocco forever. He surprisingly did have some cast members on his side including Yohan, who asked why Debbie couldn't help him out with a green card and that Oussama "needed help." Yohan's own wife, Daniele, replied, "We're not non-profits."

Oussama claimed he only called Debbie thousands of times because he wanted to make clear their relationship was over and that he no longer loved her, to which some of his fellow cast members openly laughed at. Oussama also insisted that he really was physically attracted to Debbie and referred to their "nights in Casablanca," and Debbie said that Oussama did "try to get amorous" with her at the time.

"The souls have no age," Oussama said. "That's the point."

Still, Debbie said Oussama was "never sincere" from the start. Later, her son, Julian, made an appearance at the tell-all and came after him hard, calling him a liar and a "psychopath" that would send his mom "60 texts within two hours." 

"Quit preying off elderly women that look like they're vulnerable," Julian told him. "Get a job."

Oussama said he was not going to get a job because he is a poet and was willing "to die for [his] dream." Debbie said she only sent him two to three thousand dollars over the course of four years but did pay for groceries and day-to-day living. When fellow cast member Gabe suggested Oussama sell his art to tourists to make money, Oussama said he only wanted to sell his art to people who understood it, to which his cast members again openly laughed. Oussama said they didn't understand him because they were not artists and that only Debbie understood him.

Later, when host Shaun Robinson asked Debbie if she would continue to communicate with Oussama after the tell-all, she said he would have to "move a mountain" and that he could start by giving her a plane ticket to Morocco. Her fellow cast members and Julian were upset by her answer and her obviously not willing to permanently end communication with him.

"Cut the cord," Daniele told her bluntly.

Oussama did insist that he himself was done with the relationship, but Julian cracked, "Yeah, we'll see the text messages in three days." After filming, Debbie and Julian chatted and she observed that Oussama "didn't look well" and maybe "needed therapy." Julian said she had to start worrying about her own needs and called him a "con artist." Debbie also hilariously attempted to hook her son up with fellow cast member Jen.

"Didn't you think Jen was kind of cute and nice? Do you think she was kind of like batting her eyes at you a little bit?" she asked.

Julian laughed and asked why she was putting him on the spot, but did say she looked like "a cool person" and that Debbie could give Jen his phone number.

ET spoke to Debbie in March and she said that Oussama had tried to get intimate with her.

"You know, he's a red-blooded man," she said. "It's like, he's tried but when I say no, guess what? He respects me and then he's very romantic. He does all the right things and he's just wonderful, the most romantic guy I've ever been with in my life and plus he's a gentleman. You know most guys, it's all about grabbing and whatever ... it's like, yeah, Oussama has his moments, but he knows when no means no and then he goes back to being the gentleman."