'90 Day Fiancé': Yazan's Mom Goes Off on Brittany Over Not Being Subservient

Yazan's mom has reached her limit when it comes to Brittany.

Brittany continued to clash not only with her fiancé, Yazan, in Jordan due to their clashing cultures, but got into an explosive argument with his parents as well on Monday's episode of 90 Day Fiancé: The Other Way.

Brittany and Yazan already got into a huge fight right when he picked her up at the airport after Brittany hugged a member of the crew and brought a bottle of tequila in her carry-on bag. Yazan cursed out both production and Brittany, and claimed that he had already told her that she can't hug men and drink alcohol in Jordan. But the free-spirited Brittany -- who came all the way from Palm Beach, Florida, to Jordan to be with Yazan -- argued back, and continued to fight with Yazan about being her own person when he eventually came back to her hotel the next morning and explained that he was "so jealous" over her.

But in the car on the way to see his parents, the two fought again over Brittany not willing to change her behavior in Jordan.

"You need to stop with that jealousy sh**," she told him. "You know I do not like that. You can be jealous, but be jealous on the inside. If I decide to hug another American, because that's our custom, that's what I'm gonna do. You are not gonna tell me not to do it."

"When I see your Arabic people, I'll say 'hi.' But when I see my people, it's my custom to do that," she continued. "No, it's so wrong for you to try and control me and tell me that my custom and my culture is wrong."

But things got worse when Yazan brought Brittany to say hello to his parents. While his parents greeted her warmly at first -- and Brittany told cameras that they had always been welcoming to her when she visited Yazan -- the mood took a turn when Yazan's father asked them if they were getting married that weekend. Yazan's parents had previously told their son that he needed to get married to Brittany right away, because according to their religious beliefs, they cannot be in a relationship or live together without being married. Brittany -- who hasn't told them that the reason she can't marry Yazan right away is because she is still in the process of getting divorced to her ex, who lives in Haiti -- made the excuse that she wanted her dad there for the wedding.

At this point, Yazan's father started wondering why Brittany kept delaying the marriage and also asked her about converting to Islam, which is also extremely important to him. Brittany tensely explained that she didn't want Islam to be forced upon her or else it wouldn't be truthful for her to convert. She also got annoyed with Yazan for continuing to call her "baby," telling him that she was a human being.

Viewers were then shocked when Yazan's mom -- who doesn't show her face on cameras due to her cultural beliefs -- lashed out at Brittany for being "disrespectful." Yazan's mom noted that in their culture, a woman has to follow their husband and if Yazan wanted to call her baby, then she's "baby" and she can not tell him no. She also told Brittany that she needed to forget her own family and shouted that it had already been a year, and Brittany was going to keep them waiting when it comes to getting married and having kids. Yazan's father also had a problem with Brittany continuing to use social media, telling Yazan that they are going to ask if she's a "prostitute."

Meanwhile, Brittany -- who doesn't speak their language -- clearly understood they were yelling about her.

"I'm trying to respect you guys, and I've been very respectful, actually, like, the last couple times I came here," she said. "How have I been disrespectful? I don't understand. ... I'm confused. I don't know what's going on. I'm lost. I don't speak the language. I'm confused. People are yelling at me. People are getting mad at me. I don't even know what's going on."

She eventually got up and tearfully left the room.

"I'm not from here," she told Yazan. "I don't understand what's going on. And I can't speak this language, and I don't know this culture. I'm sorry that I wasn't born in Jordan. I'm sorry that I don't know Islam. I'm sorry that I can't speak Arabic. I'm sorry that I'm not good enough for Yazan. Like, I don't get it. I'm sorry. "

Yazan's father told his son to check on her, but in a preview of next week's episode, Brittany cries out to a shocked Yazan, telling him that she never wants to see his parents again.

Despite the huge fight, when ET spoke to Brittany last month, she definitely had no harsh feelings towards Yazan's parents.

"I do love Yazan's parents," Brittany said. "I don't know exactly where his parents stand. I can't speak for them and I won't speak for them, but I will speak to say I love them and I do think they try their best to deal with the situations at hand with their experiences and their lifestyle. I think they're just doing the best they can, and I don't blame them and that's their son, 100 percent, so that's their baby and I understand all of that."

She also stood firm on her reluctance to convert to Islam for Yazan.

"I'm not gonna convert to any religion for anybody," she said. "I don't think that's a good idea for anybody. If you do it, it should be for God, not for a man."

She had the same mentality when it comes to her changing to fit the more conservative culture in Jordan.

"If I sacrifice anything ... it's going to be for myself because I decide that it's a good decision," she stressed. "It's not gonna be for anybody else or for any man because that's the only way I'm going to stick to it, if it's really for myself and something I believe in. I think it's unfair, really, to try to change yourself for any other person."

"When you try to overstep your boundaries and you try to change someone else, that's when problems arise," she added. "When you try to change other people's opinions and views, that's when problems arise. You can talk to people and have them sympathize and empathize with you, but at the end of it all, you can't force that person to change. So, I think that's what I try to focus on and I believe that's what Yazan is trying to focus on, because he kinda gets where I'm coming from and the type of life that he wants to live and that we want to live in the future."

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