'90 Day Fiancé's Mary Admits She Doesn't Have Colon Cancer as Brandan's Fundraising Page Gets Deleted

Mary says she panicked after doctors told her she had a colon issue, and she's now apologizing for the mixup.

Mary from 90 Day Fiancé: The Other Way is apologizing after alarming fans last week when she said she was diagnosed with colon cancer. She now explains it was all a big mixup on her part after she panicked following a trip to the doctor's office.

In an Instagram Story on her page, Mary says she "got an anxiety attack" after doctors told her she had a colon issue. She says she mistook that for colon cancer, which ultimately led her husband, Brandan, to create a fundraising page to help cover medical costs. The page has since been taken down, and now Mary's offering her side of the ordeal.

"I just want to say sorry [to] everyone. I posted saying I have colon cancer. I made a mistake and [I'm] just a human. [I'm] very sorry ... because when the doctor told me I have [a] colon issue I thought that means I have colon cancer. I got [an] anxiety attack and I thought I [had] colon cancer and posted it without thinking."

"It's my fault and I'm very sorry about it," she continued in her lengthy Story. "But please stop harassing me and wishing me to die. I'm just a human. I'm in pain right now and the pain won't go away."

Mary went on to detail her symptoms.

"I kept throwing up and I feel so weak," she wrote. "The doctor says my liver is inflamed and I have [a] blood infection, UTI and hemorrhoids."

Mary from 90 Day Fiance / Instagram

Mary, 23, says she's still waiting for another lab test for her colon. She went on to apologize again for the big mixup.

"Again, I'm very sorry I made a mistake announcing I have colon cancer," she wrote. "I just thought I [had] colon cancer because the doctor said I have issue[s] with my colon and they need to check it. I'm very sorry. I panicked and I got anxiety."

Mary also posted video of Brandan explaining she has a white blood cell count issue. He added that the couple will have to return to the hospital next week for another test and will be taking antibiotics and, later, probiotics. He said they'll keep everyone updated and apologized that he couldn't vlog from inside the hospital in the Philippines because filming or photography inside hospitals is banned.

The couple's explanation comes just days after the fundraising campaign was taken down. The reason it was taken down, according to People, was listed as "GoGetFunding has been requested or required to stop this campaign."

The couple, who have navigated tons of ups and downs since meeting on the TLC show, tied the knot in a November episode of the hit show. The wedding reception, however, didn't go off without a hitch, as insects swarmed the reception.

Mary and Brandan welcomed their daughter, Midnight, back in August.


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