'90 Day Fiancé' Recap: Mary Gets a Panic Attack After Brandan Calls Her Out on Intense Jealousy

Mary and Brandan's all-consuming relationship continues to show extremely troubling signs.

Mary and Brandan's all-consuming relationship continues to show extremely troubling signs. On Monday's episode of 90 Day Fiancé: The Other Way, Brandan finally had enough of Mary's intense jealousy -- which has continued even though they're now together 24/7 in the Philippines -- and her reaction was shocking.

Mary and Brandan are both 23 years old and their relationship this season has been concerning to viewers given their level of obsession with one another. While Brandan was still living in Oregon, the two video chatted even while going to the bathroom or going to the dentist. Their jealousy over one another was so extreme that Mary had to quit college and dancing, and he was discouraged from seeing his own mother and sister. Mary even got mad when Brandan sat next to a female on the plane ride over to the Philippines, even though he had no control over who he was seated next to. On Monday's episode, Mary's jealousy continued when she took him to church. Even though Brandan isn't Catholic, he was willing to go to mass since it's important to Mary. But all throughout mass, she repeatedly told him to not look at other girls.

"Don't look at girls," she told him. "Just look at the priest, OK? ... Don't look at girls, OK? Like I told you. Behave."

Brandan told cameras this bothered him and that she would be mad if he simply turned his head.

"It's already a lot of pressure just to expect someone to basically adopt a religion, so, Mary telling me that she doesn't want me looking at other girls is a bit much," he noted. "To be physically controlled, like where I can look, who I can speak to, I don't think anyone should have to live like that. ... It can't be like this forever."

Later, Brandan finally confronted Mary about her over-the-top jealousy, which she said would stop when he arrived in the Philippines and they were physically together, but clearly didn't. When he said he was upset because of her lack of trust in him, she started crying and said she just couldn't stop herself from being jealous.

"I'm afraid of being left behind," she acknowledged. "A lot of people promise me that they're not going to leave me, but they leave me."

Mary, who was raised by her grandparents and still lives with them, told cameras that her parents left her and her brother when they were kids. She blamed herself, and every time she meets people, she is afraid that they will abandon her once she starts to love them. 

"I don't like it, but I can't stop it," she admitted.

When Brandan asked her if she'd still be jealous all the time even if they got married and had kids, she couldn't give him an answer except "maybe." When he said that wasn't good enough, she burst into more tears.

"I want you to trust that I can look and talk to anyone without leaving you," Brandan told her firmly, to which Mary responded, "Then find someone else."

Brandan pointed out that he did everything she asked -- even letting her hang out with her all-male friends even though he wasn't allowed to be around any females in Oregon -- and all she had to do was trust him.

"You know what's important to me? Being able to go on about my life, I can't be limited like this," he told her. "I'm not asking for permission. I'm telling you that even in person I feel like I'm still not good enough for your trust."

At this point, Mary had a total breakdown and said she couldn't breathe. In a preview of next week's episode, a producer had to intervene and get her an inhaler. Brandan then has his own breakdown in front of cameras, also shedding tears.

"Honestly, I don't know if I can just be content and happy with this on a daily basis," he said. "It hurts so much when I feel like I don't have this trust and I'm trying really hard to just hold on."