'90 Day Fiancé' Recap: Brandan and Mary Break All Her Family's Rules When He Arrives in the Philippines

Brandan and Mary are finally together in the Philippines, but things are much more complicated than he expected.

Brandan and Mary are finally together in the Philippines after a troubling and obsessive two-year online relationship, but of course, things are much more complicated than Brandan expected. On Monday's episode of 90 Day Fiancé: The Other Way, Brandan made it to the Philippines from Eugene, Oregon, but was put in an awkward situation due to Mary not fully telling him her family's strict expectations.

Brandan's travel to the Philippines, which involved taking three different flights, already got off to a rocky start when Mary lashed out at him over sitting next to a girl on the plane -- even though he had no control over who he sat by. Brandan switched seats in order to appease her and Mary told him to make sure that he doesn't talk to girls on his other flights. Later, Mary had a conversation with her grandparents who raised her on their farm, and her grandmother noticed the two arguing and asked if that was "normal" and Mary downplayed it. Her grandfather also noted that Brandan needed to respect them, and that he needed to come to him to ask permission on what is and isn't OK. Her grandparents bluntly told her she shouldn't have sex with him yet. Her grandfather said before he could even hold her hand or hug, he needed to get permission. Mary told cameras she did want to wait for marriage to have sex because that was their religious beliefs, and that it was normal in Filipino culture to ask permission before holding hands or kissing. But obviously, she was conflicted.

"I've been waiting for two years to hold his hand and know how it feels like to touch his hair and hug him," she said. "I always respect my grandparents but I don't want to tell Brandan we can't do anything without their permission. I just want to be natural when I meet him for the first time. I don't know what to do."

When Mary and her brother picked up Brandan at the airport, all the rules immediately flew out the window. Mary gave him a big hug and initiated kisses -- all while her older brother awkwardly stood by. Her brother told cameras that he wouldn't say anything out of respect for the couple, but it was uncomfortable for him given that Brandan didn't ask permission from their grandparents.

"Now it could cause problems for Brandan," he noted.

As Mary and Brandan continued to kiss on the car ride to their grandparents' house, her brother told her she was being "naughty" and finally told him that to be respectful to their culture, he needed to ask permission. Brandan was surprised and said that Mary hadn't told him anything.

"I had no idea this was a rule," he told cameras. "It's just really absurd to me. I think I deserve to be able to kiss her without asking for permission but I guess their culture is a lot different than what I was expecting. I just wish that Mary would have told me beforehand so I was more prepared to act right."

Mary did teach Brandan how to properly address her grandparents upon meeting them, but the moment was a little awkward nonetheless given that they didn't speak the same language. When her grandfather asked what Brandan did when he first saw Mary, Brandan paused and her brother looked away and smirked. Mary told cameras that while she didn't want to lie to her grandparents, she was scared Brandan was going to tell them the truth and that her grandfather would feel disrespected.

"If my lolo [grandfather] feels disrespected by Brandan now, I don't think he will trust Brandan again," she said.

For more on Brandan and Mary, watch the video below.