'9-1-1': Kenneth Choi on 'Action-Packed' Season 6 Finale, Promises Minimal Changes Amid ABC Move (Exclusive)

The actor previews Monday's final episode on Fox and if a 'Grey's' team-up is possible. Plus, watch a dramatic clip from the finale.

Will the members of the 118 make it out unscathed?

In the season 6 finale of 9-1-1 (or the final episode to air on Fox), "Pay It Forward," a series of freeway car accidents leads to a catastrophic overpass collapse that endangers the lives of civilians and members of the squad. It's the first time every member of the 118 finds themselves in a precarious spot after they get to the scene.

9-1-1 star Kenneth Choi, who plays Chimney, describes the hour as "action-packed," "thrilling" and promises viewers will be on the "edge of your seat."

"There are several members of the 118 who are in perilous situations. I think the audience is going to be rapt with attention," Choi previewed. "There is a different nail-biting aspect to it. Usually it's trying to extract one person, but now we have several people. Who knows? Some of them are in such bad shape, they may or may not make it. It really is a situation where you might think, 'Someone's gotta go.'"

Whether that someone could be Chimney remains to be seen, but Choi acknowledges the reason why his character could be a popular choice among viewers if they were to choose a squad member with a ticking clock on their mortality. 

"They're worried because our writing staff loves to put Chimney in the worst situations possible. Everyone's been in precarious situations but Chimney takes the cake, don't you think?" he said. "Because of that, there's a duality of expectations. Some people think, 'Well, there's no way they're going to kill him because they've put him in so many other [situations],' and then some people think, 'Well, they keep screwing with him, so probably they're going to take him out at one point or another because you wouldn't expect it.'"

Jack Zeman/Fox

It'd be unfortunate timing if something were to happen, as Chimney and Maddie are newly engaged and seem to be taking a step forward in their commitment to each other.

"If Chimney gets out of it, he's going to have a new lease on life," Choi posited. "First responders always think of one thing and that's to get home safely -- that's the goal at the start of every day, let's get everybody home to their family and loved ones safely. So if he gets out of this, it's always like a new lease on life when you go through a death-defying experience and I think for certain, they established in the penultimate episode they're going to move forward. They're finally set on getting hitched and making it legitimate and marrying one another. They deserve it. They deserve happiness for all they've been through."

The actor shared that he hopes "that once they make this big decision, they will fall into it 100 percent."

"Chimney and Maddie have had problems committing because of trauma in the past -- Chimney's had his own set of issues, Maddie has had these huge issues. So it's always been nice for them to sort of go with the flow and don't push anything," he explained. "What I'd like to see, if they actually go through with it, is that they have some level of happiness. There's usually some curveball that's thrown at the relationship and I would love to see that wedded bliss for a while because I think the audience wants to see them, not just married, but happy with their daughter living a married life together and really enjoying that and putting all their traumatic experiences behind them."

Watch ET's exclusive sneak peek of the finale below.

As 9-1-1 wraps up its run on Fox, Choi said longtime viewers won't see a drastic change when the show debuts on ABC in the upcoming broadcast season.

"We'd all heard little grumblings of the possibility of a move for several months now and the way that we pretty much see it, not much is going to change for us," he said. "We'll still be at the same studio, we'll probably have the same crew. We'll obviously be on a different network, but as far as our journey and what we do behind the scenes, all of that will most likely stay 99-99.5 percent the same."

Season 7, Choi promised, "will pick up where it left off" in the finale and the characters' arcs will not be affected by the change. "All the characters will have the same arcs. Everything will be the same," he maintained. "We'll just be on ABC." 

Could this mean there may be a 9-1-1 crossover with Grey's Anatomy in the future? Choi didn't shoot down the idea now that they're both on the same network. "We were wondering if they might think about trying to cross us over with other emergency shows on ABC, but I think they're all in Seattle," he said, likening a team-up with Grey's to be like "Marvel and DC getting together. It'd be exciting."

The season 6 finale of 9-1-1 airs Monday at 8 p.m. ET/PT on Fox.