A 'Supernatural' Spinoff May Not Be in the Cards, The CW Boss Says

The CW

"'Supernatural' may be Jared and Jensen," Mark Pedowitz said Monday.

There may never be a Supernatural spinoff on The CW, but it's not for lack of trying.

With the network's current longest-running supernatural drama heading into its 14th season, The CW President Mark Pedowitz addressed the future of the franchise and the failed spinoffs that have come before. The CW aired backdoor pilots for Supernatural: Bloodlines in 2014 and a female-led spinoff, Wayward Sisters, earlier this year. Neither was picked up to series.

“We were very happy with the women who were on the Wayward Sisters spinoff," The CW President Mark Pedowitz told reporters Monday. "We have only a certain number of slots this year, so it didn’t get there."

Pedowitz noted that they're not nixing an expansion of the Supernatural universe, but with the series getting a little long in the tooth, that possibility may not be in the cards.

“If there’s a great idea they want to go forward with, we’re open to listen. It is a great franchise," Pedowitz said, cautioning that there may be a shelf life for spinoff potential. "Supernatural may be Jared [Padalecki] and Jensen [Ackles], and it may not be a franchise beyond that.”  

In January, Supernatural fan favorite Kim Rhodes, who plays Sheriff Jody Mills, talked to ET about Wayward Sisters and why she wasn't nervous about it going the way of Bloodlines

"Supernatural is the biggest spinning gear. What I’ve seen happen over 13 seasons is Sam and Dean start spinning, and then other gears get in their gravitational force, and [they get] to the point where they can spin themselves," Rhodes said at the time. "It’s not the world that makes Supernatural, it’s the characters that make Supernatural."

Supernatural returns Thursday, Oct. 11 at 8 p.m. ET/PT on The CW.