Aaron Paul Admits His Wife Isn't 'Overly Excited' for His Love Scenes (Exclusive)

His co-star Emily Ratjkowski also weighs in on her husband seeing the new film's more intimate moments.

When it comes to filming those racy moments with other women, Aaron Paul readily admits that his wife Lauren Paul isn’t exactly a fan!

On Saturday, ET’s Deidre Behar caught up with the Breaking Bad alum at the junket of his upcoming thriller, Welcome Home, where he discussed acting out the film’s more delicate scenes with co-star Emily Ratajkowski.

“I'm sure she's not, you know, overly excited when sex scenes come on the screen, but she gets it and she read the script and she really loves the story and she's a fan of Emily’s,” the 39-year-old actor said. “Not just her acting work but what she represents, so she loves her.”

As for Emily, she admitted that her husband, Sebastian Bear-McClard, hasn’t seen the film yet.

“We'll find out on Sunday when he sees it!” she said when asked for his opinion of the film. “But we weren't together when we shot it. But honestly, I think there's a couple things to be said… Actually, a theme of the movie is voyeurism and voyeurism can be kinda hot!”

In the film, Aaron and Emily play a couple who rent a house in the Italian countryside in an effort to save their relationship. However, the homeowner has something more insidious in mind for their guests.

Although the film centers on a troubled relationship, the actors behind the roles seem happier than ever in their marriages.

"It's just the love, you know? I feel so blessed to wake up next to [Lauren] every morning, and so it's just the idea of holding on to that and never forgetting why you fell in love in the first place," Aaron gushed.

"I couldn't really say it better," Emily echoed. "You don't choose the people you fall in love with but it's a transcendent, magical experience and as you get closer with any person, friends, family but especially your partner, you do have to fight for that and work for that and I think kinda holding on to the magic is really important."

Aaron and Lauren's family got a little bit bigger this year when they welcomed their first child together: a little girl named Story.

"She's waving now," Aaron said with a big smile. He added that it's, "The cutest thing in the world when you wave at your little baby girl and she waves back with such a sweet little smile and laugh, she's just the best."

Hearing Aaron chat about his little one begs a question for Emily: Is she ready for parenthood too?

"Yes and no," she answered, later adding, "I just feel like women don't always disclose everything that comes with having a baby and what goes on with your body and I hope that people will start talking about that more, but I'm not rushing to anything. Although yeah totally, certainly, times of the month I'm like, 'Oh my God!'"

Welcome Home is exclusively on DIRECTV and in Theaters and On Demand November 16.

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