Adam Levine Wants Kelly Clarkson to Do a Very Bad Thing to Blake Shelton (Exclusive)

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As The Voice nears it’s finale, Adam Levine is calling for his fellow coach, Kelly Clarkson, to start roughing up their rival coach, Blake Shelton!

ET’s Denny Directo caught up with Levine and Clarkson at Monday’s taping of the series, which airs on NBC on Mondays and Tuesdays.

“She doesn’t bust him as much as I do,” Levine said when asked about how Clarkson has helped him bust Shelton’s chops this season. “I wish she went a little harder. She’ll slap him around, but she won’t stomach punch him.”

“I want to see some stomach punches,” Levine added. “I want her to punch him in the face.”

“I’m trying to keep a little level of tact on the show!” Clarkson responded.

But Levine wouldn’t relent in his ploy to take down Shelton.

“I want her to punch him in the nuts,” he continued, before demonstrating how Clarkson might do so.

“I’m so short, I’m like right there,” the songstress piped in, seemingly warming up to the plot.

This only encouraged Levine who shed further ideas on Clarkson’s potential Shelton attack, aided by ET's suggestion of a "Cher, Moonstruck slap."

“Oh, if you give him a slap, it gets both balls in one,” Levine enthused.

Slaps aside, Clarkson said the coaches share a “friendly rivalry,” on the singing competition.

“I think we genuinely respect each other as artists and humans,” she said.

“More or less,” Levine joked before Clarkson whacked him.

The “Since You’ve Been Gone” songstress also has to put up with Levine’s jibes outside of the show. She shared how he had been “making fun” of her for fangirling after meeting Cher over the weekend.

“He sent a picture in our group text cause all these boys do is make fun of me,” she said. “I sent him back a thing with some choice words like, ‘I was living my best life, I don’t even care about you right now.’”

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