Adam Sandler Reveals He 'Popped' His Groin While Filming 'Hustle' (Exclusive)

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Adam Sandler is still recovering from an injury he suffered while on set.

The celebrated comic spoke with ET's Kevin Frazier at the premiere of his new basketball drama, Hustle, at the Regency Village Theatre in Los Angeles on Wednesday, and opened up about filming the project alongside some basketball superstars.

"I played with everybody, all the guys, and it's humiliating, you know?" Sandler said with a laugh. "You take a shot in front of them you see how flat your shot is you see how dumb you look you have no form.

"Then. when they shoot. you're like, 'Yeah, yeah, alright, that's how you're supposed to play,'" he added.

In the film, Sandler plays Stanley Sugarman, a former basketball scout who tries to revitalize his career by recruiting a player from Spain, Bo Cruz (played by NBA star Juancho Hernangómez) to play for the NBA.

While shooting in Spain, Sandler would often play ball with his NBA pro co-stars, but his own gameplaying proved short-lived.

"We had some of that going, but that's before I popped my groin," Sandler recalled. "There was one night my groin couldn't take it anymore then I said, 'I guess I'm gonna have to watch these guys go.'"

Sandler said that the incidental injury was "so bad" and explained that "it's been a year already and I'm still limping around like a fool... it's horrible."

That being said, Sandler had nothing but praise for his co-stars and collaborators, including executive producer LeBron James, and co-star Queen Latifah, who plays his wife, Teresa Sugarman.

"Me and Latifah know each other forever, and she's a beautiful person," Sandler marveled. "Wherever we would go, wherever, there was a crowd of people. People would just be like, 'Oh my god, that's Queen Latifah!' She has a a nice aura about her and and brings happiness and is just a nice person."

Hustle hits select theaters on June 3, and debuts on Netflix on June 8.


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