Alan Bersten Says Hannah Brown's 'DWTS' Semifinals Dance Will Be an 'Emotional' One (Exclusive)

Alan Bersten and Hannah Brown
Alan Bersten/ABC

All season long, Alan will be exclusively guest blogging his 'Dancing With the Stars' journey with Hannah for ET.

Throughout the season, pro dancer Alan Bersten will be guest blogging about his experience on Dancing With the Stars with his celeb partner, Hannah Brown, for ET. This week, he discusses everything from making the semifinals to his hopes and dreams of winning his first mirrorball trophy.

Hi, everyone!

Hannah and I have made it to the semifinals, it's so crazy!! We're so happy to be here and can't wait to dance again for you guys! 

As we were waiting for our results Monday night, it was so scary! You never know what to expect during the eliminations, so it's just so exciting to be called safe.

To celebrate, I went to a studio and started choreographing. This week we are going to the CMA Awards, so our schedule is very full. 

Alan Bersten/ABC

It's all so exciting but now the pressure is definitely on. We are very focused on creating some special numbers this week. Hannah is working so hard and I can tell she wants this so badly! 

From past seasons as a pro, I have learned to just have FUN. The semifinals are very stressful, but the best dances come from a good, encouraging environment. So this week we're just focusing on having fun!

I would love to win the mirrorball, but honestly, I just want Hannah to win it. I want Hannah to feel good about every performance and I want her to realize she is the reason we're even in the semifinals. Her hard work, dedication and amazing personality is why we're still here. I'm just so proud of her. 

Alan Bersten/ABC

What separates Hannah from partners I've had in the past? I think Hannah is just so genuine. She really cares about this and it shows in her dancing. She wants this and you can see that every time she takes the stage. 

When it comes down to these final weeks of the competition, I think the pros are competitive but in a friendly way. We all want everyone to do well. I'm so proud of Gleb Savchenko, Sasha Farber, Witney Carson and Emma Slater. Along with all the other pros this season. This has been an incredible season and everyone has done so well. 

As for Hannah and I's strategy, I think this week we have to get into the dance more than ever. We have an emotional dance and I would love for everyone to feel the story she's going to be telling. 

Alan Bersten/ABC

I think it really helped Hannah Monday night when guest judge Joey Fatone said the Tango we performed was his favorite dance of the night. That's incredible and I'm just so thankful that everyone sees the hard work that Hannah has been putting in every single day. 

In addition to our individual dance next Monday, all of us will also compete in a Redemption Round, where we recreate a piece we previously performed this season. I feel like this week is a great indication of how much everyone has grown throughout this competition. It's very important that we do better this time than the first time we danced it.

I can tell you that Hannah and are dancing to two beautiful songs and I can't wait for these dances! They are slower, but I love them. 

Alan will be documenting his ballroom journey with Hannah all season long for ET. Got a question you want him to answer? Send them to ET's Desiree Murphy on Twitter or Instagram (@desireemurphy_) or in our Beyond the Ballroom Facebook group!