'DWTS': How Hannah Brown and Alan Bersten Worked Through Issues After Last Week's Tension

Bersten apologized on Instagram after calling Brown 'insecure.'

Hannah Brown and Alan Bersten are working through it. 

Tension was evident between the two on last week's episode of Dancing With the Stars, during which Bersten agreed with judge Carrie Ann Inaba's critical comments about their dance and called Brown "insecure." The pro later apologized for his comments on Instagram, and fans saw how he and Brown addressed the drama on Monday night's episode

In the package before dancing the Quickstep to "American Girl," Brown opened up to Bersten about her reaction to Inaba's observation she was "disconnected." "I'm honestly so upset... the past few weeks I have not felt connected to myself," Brown said. 

"I want to unravel those sides of you," Bersten replied. 

The former Bachelorette then revealed the best way to connect to herself was to head home -- so off she and Bersten went to Alabama. Renewed and rejuvenated, she and Bersten killed it on the dance floor. 

"That was a game changer!" judge Bruno Tonioli exclaimed after their dance. 

"That's what we're talking about!" Inaba yelled. "You were open-hearted... I know it was hard last week, but I'm so proud of you, because that was the comeback of the season!" 

"What a fabulous dance," Len Goodman added, before he and his fellow judges awarded Brown and Bersten a total score of 29/30. 

"That felt pretty damn good!" Brown confessed. 

The former pageant queen opened up about last week's drama in an emotional Instagram post last Tuesday. 

"This experience has been harder than I could have ever imagined," she began. "I came into this experience a little broken and confused -- more than I’ve shared. Everyday has brought its challenges with my past, my fears, and the uncomfortableness of opening myself up again to be judged on something VERY scary like learning a new skill to perform each week. Last night was really defeating for me and a lot of suppressed emotions started to surface from this amazing, but grueling experience."

"I want to be me. I want to be real. I feel my best when I feel like I have the opportunity to share my heart with others. But I know that’s been lacking in what has been seen on DWTS. It’s true there is a disconnect. I am busting my a**. I am giving this my all. It’s my focus and passion right now. But each week I fall flat. I’ve gotten to the point of being so anxious before I perform that I can’t completely enjoy it like I wish and know I could," she continued, adding she has "a lot more I can give." 

"I’m not throwing a pity party. I can take criticism and understand hard work...and I also know that my attitude has to change to rise above this slump I’m in. But this is real life. These are real emotions. It’s okay to be grateful and positive, while also acknowledging the hard days we all have. It’s so important to think positively, but it’s also important to acknowledge and feel all the feels. This pressure to pretend is not good for anyone. That’s how this crazy cycle of perfectionism continues to exist in a lot of us," Brown concluded. "I’m blown away by the support I see and feel from all of you who love me through it all. So thank you— here’s to another opportunity to grow. See y’all next Monday!"

While speaking with ET's Keltie Knight after Monday's show, Brown said that while it wasn't shown on TV, she did confront Bersten over his comments last week. 

"Oh yeah, we had lots of talks," she candidly revealed. "Look, I know Alan is my No. 1 fan and that he is always going to be supportive of me. It just -- it's all good."

"I was already just a little bit vulnerable at that point, and I know Alan always means well, so we're great," she added.  

"I think the best thing is that we were able to move forward from that," Bersten shared. 

Dancing With the Stars airs Mondays at 8 p.m. ET/PT on ABC. 


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