Alec Baldwin Urges Ellen DeGeneres to 'Keep Going' Amid Workplace Allegations

Ellen DeGeneres and Alec Baldwin
Michael Rozman/Warner Bros.

The actor is a guest on 'Ellen' following this summer's staffing fallout.

Alec Baldwin wants Ellen DeGeneres to just keep swimming. The 62-year-old actor appears on Wednesday's episode of The Ellen DeGeneres Show, marking the talk show host's first week back on TV following "toxic" workplace allegations surrounding her show over the summer. 

"You being on my premiere week means so much to me," DeGeneres tells Baldwin on Wednesday. She then begins to ask Baldwin about his newest addition. 

"Before we talk about my kids, Ellen, I just want to say, you are someone, I've followed your career from when you were doing stand-up and you were a solo performer," Baldwin begins. "I've watched the films you've done and I've watched your success on this TV show, and you are one of the funniest and most talented women, one of the most funny and talented people in all of show business. We all have some patches of white water here, but you keep going. Don't you stop doing what you're doing."

DeGeneres replies with sincerity, saying, "Yessir! Thank you so much, Alec. That means so much to me. I appreciate it. Yeah, there have been some rapids and I'm maneuvering the raft."

At the end of their interview, Baldwin reiterates his sentiment. 

"You just keep moving forward because it's not the same without you. You're funny," Baldwin insists. "We need you. We need you, we need you. Keep log rolling as best you can, OK?"

"I'm going to do it. I'm going to stay on the log," DeGeneres replies. 

Earlier this week, the talk show host addressed her fans and her staff following this summer's allegations. 

"I am the boss of 270 people. Two hundred and seventy people who help make this show what it is. Two hundred and seventy people who I am so grateful for," DeGeneres said. "All I want is for every single one of them to be happy and to be proud to work here."