Alexis Ren Gushes Over Boyfriend Noah Centineo: 'I Love That Man' (Exclusive)

'I'm just really grateful to be his partner.'

Alexis Ren is head over heels for her boyfriend!

ET's Katie Krause spoke with the 22-year-old model when REVOLVE hosted the 3rd annual #REVOLVEawards 2019, and she couldn't help but sing boyfriend Noah Centineo's praises.

"I love that man," she said of the 23-year-old actor. "... I love that man with all my heart, so I'm just really grateful to be his partner."

As for her favorite thing about her beau of "eight or nine months" -- with whom she's exchanged "I love yous" -- Ren pointed to "his spirit."

"He's so passionate about everything that he does," she said. "He puts 100 percent of himself into everything, and his heart is gold."

Ren -- who met Centineo through a friend -- also opened up about the social media support for her relationship.

"It's weird," she admitted. "I don't know. I appreciate it. It's all love, so I can only appreciate the people that support us."

The former Dancing With the Stars contestant also shared that she and Centineo "have a few things lined up" for the holidays, though they haven't started planning their one-year anniversary celebrations just yet.

"We haven't thought that far ahead," she said.

Ren has been busy with her charity work -- namely environmental causes -- as of late, and thus has yet to see Centineo's flicks Charlie's Angels and To All the Boys I've Loved Before.

"I'm really bad at keeping up with films," she shared, before adding, "I'm so [proud of him]. He's the best."

As for her own work, Ren opened up about why the environment, more specifically the coral reefs, is a cause she's passionate about.

"I'm just kinda focusing on using my platform to raise awareness for certain things. I was recently just out in Tahiti raising funds for the coral reef because they are dying. We've already lost 50 percent of them in the last three decades, which is crazy," she said. "... I'm really passionate about mental health, but I think the environment needs our help first and foremost, so that's kind of where I'm putting my focus right now."

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