Alicia Keys on the Secret to Her and Swizz Beatz' Marriage and New Book 'Girl on Fire' (Exclusive)

The actress told ET all about her new book, 'Girl on Fire,' available now.

Alicia Keys has been steadily adding accomplishments to her long list of achievements, and recently she's added another one -- writing a graphic novel! 

Named after her iconic single, Girl on Firethe coming-of-age tale follows 14-year-old Lolo Wright as she discovers powers she never knew she had. Described by publisher HarperCollins as a story about "finding the strength within when your whole world changes in an instant," Girl on Fire is co-written by Andrew Weiner and illustrated by Brittney Williams. 

Sitting down to speak with ET about her recent ventures, Keys shared that the graphic novel had been in the works for "at least five years."

"This has been a long process to get it all together, how we want it and to find the perfect illustrator and to really find the right partnership and finish the whole story," she explained. "So, it takes time, and, you know it's a blessing obviously, that it's here today and I'm so excited about it."

The "Girl on Fire" singer gushed about the story, sharing that she believes there is "so much" within the novel that anyone can find relatable. That includes Keys' fan club -- her sons, Egypt, 11, and Genesis, 7. 

"They are loving this graphic novel. They're all about graphic novels right now. Like it's all about it, everything they're reading is about it, especially Egypt," she shared. "Egypt is 11, so he's really into it and he can read everything himself. He goes in a little corner and just kind of gets lost in the books. So, he really loves it. I think sometimes we put the word 'girl' in something and all of a sudden everyone thinks it can only be read by girls and that's it. That's definitely not the case. This story about Lolo is really relatable."

A new title on her shelf isn't the only project Keys has embarked on recently. Along with writing the new book, dropping her double album, Keyslast December and launching her beauty brand, Keys Soulcare, last year, the multi-hyphenate star has launched a female-driven activewear collection -- and on International Women's Day, no less.

"My new line with Athleta is a limited edition collection," she shared about the Alicia Keys x Athleta product collection (now available in stores and online at "I think [it's] really about empowering this idea of our individuality and diversity. ... The collection goes up to 3x in sizing, it is really inclusive, I love it, and that's how it should be."

The singer added that being in the beauty and lifestyle business is about "turning routine into ritual and creating mantras, affirmations and ways to get yourself up and being your best." She said that she aims to provide consumers with tools to help them "find your confidence and your greatness."

Considering how many balls the singer is juggling with all of her ventures and a fulfilling family life, she is someone who knows about finding your greatness. Calling her evolution from musician to mogul "incredible," Keys noted that she believes everyone is here to "continue to grow and to find our way into new things."

"All the things that I'm creating are, to me, part of my creative expression," she said. "Music is definitely my core business, moving into film, television, books and other businesses [is] all drawn from a creative place and I love evolving in that way. I think that we all have to, we must. And as women, it's very important that we're at a seat of these tables... to further the ability for us to really be present in every single part of business. ... When women are at the forefront, I think we're able to create a balance and obviously bring so much to the table. So, I love it, I love being a mogul. ... I love really handling my business on all levels."

And, despite having an incredibly busy work-life, Keys noted that she ensures that there's time for her family as well -- especially her husband, Swizz Beatz

Calling their relationship "effortless," Keys said that she believes couples that are "very compatible" don't have to "over-try" when it comes to their connection. 

"Now you definitely have to make sure that you're connecting, communicating clearly, putting each other first and making sure that each person feels special -- I think that's an incredibly important part about our relationship and we're able to do that, but it's not hard to do that 'cause he's my best friend," she said. "There's nobody else I would rather be with, you know, there's nobody else I would rather talk to or connect with or communicate with. He's so smart, he's so interesting."

Keys and Beatz got married in 2000 and celebrated their 11th wedding anniversary last July. The two share sons Egypt and Genesis, and the music producer is also father to sons Prince and Kasseem Dean, Jr. and daughter Nicole from previous relationships.

Adding that she feels "very grateful" for their dedication to one another, the singer shared that the couple creates time and space for each other. And if either one is feeling neglected, they make sure to speak up. 

"Everything doesn't always have to be perfect... but I love that we're open and it's all about that," she said. "And I think that's what creates that feeling."