All the Times Jessica Simpson Talked About Motherhood (Exclusive)

Jessica Simpson Eric Johnson
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Simpson was sharing her parenting dreams with ET as far back as 2002!

Want to pay Jessica Simpson the ultimate compliment? Just tell her she’s a good mom!

With the 38-year-old star announcing her third pregnancy on Tuesday morning, the news comes as little surprise given how much Simpson has gushed about motherhood to ET over the years. In fact, she’s even won an award for her excellent parenting.

"The fact that people think I'm doing a pretty good job [as a mother] is the best compliment,” she said while being honored at the 40th Annual Outstanding Mother Awards in May.

Simpson’s road to motherhood was a hot topic as far back as 2002, when ET caught up with the singer and her younger sister, Ashlee. Simpson, 22 at the time, already knew that being hands-on was one of the biggest traits she hoped to possess as a parent.

“When I'm a mother, I want to actually be a mother,” she said. “I don't want a nanny doing everything for me."

Following her well-publicized marriage to 98 Degrees heartthrob Nick Lachey from 2002 to 2006, Simpson began dating NFL star Eric Johnon, who would help bring her baby dreams to fruition as they welcomed their little girl, Maxwell, in May 2012, followed by their son, Ace, in June 2013.

The cuties were present as Simpson and Johnson tied the knot in July 2014 and naturally, ET wondered if more children were on the horizon after marriage, but in September 2015, she admitted that having more kids “would freak me out a little bit.”

While she later told Ellen DeGeneres that she wasn't planning on having any more rugrats during an interview in May 2017, by April of this year she was clearly entertaining the idea of baby number three, telling ET that she and Johnson are “always practicing” making babies, adding, "but it would definitely have to be a miracle."

"My daughter is about to turn six, May 1 is her birthday, and my son is going to turn five on June 30 and it's just like, 'Wait, so this is no longer toddler, this is full-on kid,'" Simpson, 37, shared. "My daughter [already] thinks she's a teenager. My son at least wants to be a baby still."

Months later, she emphasized how good she and Johnson are at procreating while chatting with ET at BeautyConLA.

"I mean, we're very happy and we know how to make babies very well, but we got the little one here," she said.

Of course, now, there’s another little one on the way, with the two revealing that they’re expecting a baby girl via an Instagram post on Tuesday. "This little baby girl will make us a family of five,” Simpson captioned a pic showing her cradling her burgeoning bump. “We couldn’t be happier to announce this precious blessing of life."

So, what does Simpson love so much about being a mom? The fashionista feels there’s nothing like watching her tykes grow and learn.

“The most rewarding part of being a mother is really just watching my kids grow,” she told ET in May. “It's like, how much knowledge they have about life is just so meaningful to me, and how much heart they put into everything they do. There's just nothing like the innocence of a child." 

Then there’s the buzz of watching the kids develop their personalities and passions as they get older.

While Ace appears to be sporty like his dad, enjoying a love for baseball, Maxwell seems to have inherited Simpson’s love for the limelight. In fact, she’s so into The Greatest Showman that it was the theme of her sixth birthday party in May.

"My daughter's favorite movie is The Greatest Showman. We've seen it, literally 100 times, at least!" Simpson explained. "Maxwell was doing flips and we were celebrating all types of people, unique, everybody's unique[ness] and individuality." 

Little Maxwell is also a budding runway star, with Simpson sharing how the young girl previously hit the catwalk for Simpson’s clothing line and has been practicing her strut ever since.

"She has it down better than her mama!" said Simpson, who launched a baby collection in 2016. "She just does it every day, to be honest, like there is no stopping her. I don't know what else to do, it is out of my control."

As for how Simpson feels about the possibility of her children following her into the entertainment industry, she’s all for it.

“I would definitely embrace my children being performers," she previously shared. "To me, they're like the stars of my life, so I would love for the world to see what I see."

Congrats to Simpson and Johnson on their baby news! See more on the couple below.