Amanda Seyfried Is Down To Do a Duet With Taylor Swift After 'Mean' Cover (Exclusive)

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Amanda Seyfried is ready to join Taylor Swift's squad!

ET's Keltie Knight spoke to the 33-year-old actress at the premiere of her new movie, The Art of Racing in the Rain, and she dished all about her viral cover of Swift's 2010 track, "Mean."

While Seyfried admitted she hasn't heard from Swift just yet, she seemed up for a collaboration with the "ME!" singer.

"I mean, I would do a duet with Tay Swiz," Seyfried said, before putting a limit on her burgeoning music career. 

"I wouldn't release an album because that means you have to go on the road and I don't wanna go on the road," she cautioned.

Seyfried also spoke about the Mean Girls reference-filled performance as a whole, which she did alongside Broadway's original Gretchen Wieners, Ashley Park. 

"That was Ashley Park's idea, actually. God, taking it back to that... album is so smart and making the Mean Girls tie is really fun," Seyfried, who starred as Karen Smith in the 2004 movie, said. 

"We did it three nights in a row and it got better and better," she added of the gig at the Williamstown Theatre Festival. "For the first time ever, I had zero stage fright, so now I feel that maybe I can do a Broadway show where I actually sing."

Additionally, Seyfried opened up about the emotional roller coaster that is her new flick, which she co-stars in alongside Milo Ventimiglia.

"I brought this handkerchief that Milo gave to me during the table read in Vancouver last spring and I soaked that," Seyfried said of her emotions following the table read. "I soaked it and I washed it and I've had it ever since. And I brought it with me because it's gonna probably happen again." 

"But that's when I know I'm having a good time. This is why I go to the movies," she added. "I wanna feel! God, it's the best thing!"

The Art of Racing in the Rain hit theaters on Aug. 9.


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