Amanda Seyfried Talks Meeting Thomas Sadoski When He Was Still Married: 'He Never Disrespected His Wife'

Amanda Seyfried Thomas Sadoski Met Gala
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Amanda Seyfried has no regrets about her wedding day.

The 32-year-old actress spoke to Porter magazine about her and Thomas Sadoski's low-key wedding, and why she decided to tie the knot while very pregnant.

“We got married in Topanga, March last year. Just the two of us. And afterwards, I was like, ‘Can we just go to Cheebo?’" Seyfried recalls, referring to a neighborhood cafe in Los Angeles, California, where the couple has frequented in the past. "It was awesome.”

While lavish weddings are thought of as the norm for Hollywood stars, Seyfried defied that convention -- largely because of her job.

“I get married all the time [on screen]. I was in a wedding dress last week," Seyfried says. “I also go to premieres where people take my picture. I just don’t care about all that stuff.” 

So, wearing a Free People dress, Seyfried married Sadoski, 42, while she was nine-months pregnant with her first child.

“I really wanted to have rings on in the hospital, you know?" Seyfried says. "And what if something goes wrong, and he’s not legally my husband?” 

The Mamma Mia! Here We Go Again star -- who "definitely want[s] more babies" -- has taken to motherhood with ease. 

“I feel more empowered,” she says of working postpartum. “Like, I’ll say no, I can’t do that press trip, because I’m spending time with my daughter. ‘Oh, you want my top off for that part? How about we scrap that sex scene altogether? And no, I’m not wearing those thongs!’”

Married life is also treating Seyfried well. After a string of high-profile relationships -- including Desmond Harrington, Dominic Cooper and Justin Long -- the actress met her husband when they starred in The Way We Get By, an off-Broadway play, together. At the time, they were both in relationships. In fact, Sadoski was still married to casting director Kimberly Hope.

"[He] never flirted, never disrespected his wife. That was another reason why I thought, later on, that I could marry him,” she reveals. 

After their respective relationships ended -- Sadoski and Hope divorced in 2015 -- the duo wound up on the set of the film The Last Word together, and that's where Seyfried says they fell in love. “It was amazing. It felt healthy and freeing and clean. We can tell the story without any guilt.”


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