Amber Rose Responds to Chris Rock Dating Rumors, Reveals the A-List Actress She's Friends With (Exclusive)

Amber Rose tells ET that she and Sandra Bullock have also developed a close friendship thanks to their kids.

Amber Rose is clearing the air when it comes to her love life. After photos surfaced of the 40-year-old model out in New York City with 59-year-old actor and comedian Chris Rock back in December, the rumor mill started running about the status of their relationship. 

Rose clarified the situation with Rock while speaking with ET's Deidre Behar alongside pal Blac Chyna, who now goes by Angela White. 

"It was not [a date]," she exclusively tells ET. "I've been friends with Chris Rock for, like, 13 years… We met for coffee. We talked some crap to each other. He made me laugh because he's hilarious. And that's our friendship. Just friendship."

Rose, who was snapped out with Rock by the paparazzi, noted that those looking at the images should be able to tell there was nothing romantic going on. 

"We were not holding hands, and we were obviously very separate. It just becomes unfair sometimes," Rose notes. 

Chris Rock and Amber Rose were spotted stepping out during the holidays together in New York City. - TheImageDirect

In fact, Rose says she even gives the comic "relationship advice," now that he's single. Rock was married to Malaak Compton-Rock for 18 years before they split in 2014. They finalized their divorce in 2016. 

As for Rose, she too is single and "very happy" about it.

"I'm definitely not looking for nothing. I'm definitely very happy raising my children and having my own schedule," she shares. 

Rose can understand where some speculation might come in as she tells ET that she has many A-list friendships she chooses to keep private and off of social media. 

"I'm close friends with Tom Arnold, our kids play together. I'm close friends with Sandra Bullock, our kids play together," she reveals of the comedic actor and the Oscar-winning actress. "I love Sandra. She's amazing. She's the most down-to-earth, coolest person ever. My son and her daughter are best friends. They're on FaceTime all day. We love Sandra."

"Tell her I said hi!" Chyna teases Rose. 

Sandra Bullock attended the UK screening of "The Lost City" at Cineworld Leicester Square on March 31, 2022 in London, England. - Karwai Tang/WireImage

As for Chyna and Rose, they have recently rekindled their friendship after spending several years apart. And though the two stars weren't spending time together, they insist that there was no animosity between them. 

"Chyna is so much more than my friend. She's like my sister," Rose explains. "So when your family member that you love, when you feel like you have to grow, they never stop being your family, and I think that's what people don't understand. We always remained family, we just, again, had to grow and go our separate ways for a little bit to come back and be better than ever. It wasn't anything salacious or mean."

Blac Chyna, now Angela White, and Amber Rose reunite. - ET

The longtime pals are teaming up with chef Bruno Serato to help him serve his 10 millionth meal to underprivileged children through his non-profit Caterina's Club. The veteran chef was just honored with the 2024 President's Lifetime Achievement Award for his humanitarian efforts, and ET was in the kitchen with the trio as they cooked up the meals. 

"I meet so many people in my life, but those two girls are 10. One to 10, they give us 10," Chef Bruno tells ET of Rose and Chyna. "We are serving 5,000 meals a day, been doing that for 19 years."