'American Horror Story: Cult' Premiere: Evan Peters' Pro-Trump Character Revealed -- and He's Insane!

Frank Ockenfels/FX

From what's going on with those crazy clowns to characters we already can't get enough of, ET breaks down the most shocking moments from the premiere.

Where were you on Nov. 8, 2016?

Maybe you were sitting at home, surrounded by family and friends who were all rooting for Hillary Clinton. Or perhaps you were at a bar, drinking beers with friends and chanting Donald Trump's famous campaign slogan, "Make America Great Again." No matter what you were doing, or whose side you were on, everyone can relate to what it felt like to experience this year's election night, when Trump was named the 45th president of the United States.

As promised by creators Ryan Murphy and Brad Falchuk, that's exactly where American Horror Story: Cult kicks off. The seventh installment of the FX anthology tackles what some critics are calling the "true American horror story": our nation's political divide and post-election paranoia.

From what's going on with those crazy clowns to characters we already can't get enough of, ET breaks down the most shocking moments from the premiere.

1. You wanted more Evan Peters, you got more Evan Peters...

…and this may be his most insane role yet!

Despite assumptions that AHS would only feature a single point of view this season, it's quickly revealed that there's a major divide between the residents of the small town in Michigan where Cult takes place. Murphy, a noted Democrat, keeps things fair by satirizing both sides of the political spectrum to seemingly show, as he puts it, just how "ridiculous" the world we're living in has become.

One of the standout characters this season is Trump supporter Kai Anderson, portrayed by Peters. The results of the election are the start of a new beginning for the dark, blue-haired anarchist, whose obsession with fear and power is apparent within the first two minutes.

"The revolution has begun," Kai proclaims, jumping up and down and pelvic-thrusting the TV screen. "F**k you, world! USA! USA! USA!"

If that scene doesn't prove just how empowered and manic Kai now feels in Trump's America, he later paints his face orange with smashed Cheetos as an ode to his new president. It's clear Kai is the leader of Cult, and is organizing a frightening movement led by triumph and rage.

During a press event earlier this year, Murphy revealed that Peters will also play a number of notorious cult leaders throughout season seven, including Charles Manson, David Koresh and Jim Jones.

2. Kai's stirring up trouble -- and it can only get worse from here.

Hands down, the most intense scene from the premiere happens when Kai belts out a wildly inappropriate version of "La Cucaracha" in front of a group of Hispanics while peeing into a condom.

"You wetbacks aren't welcome here no more, selling drugs and doing crime," he sings, as he throws the condom in their direction. 

Outraged by Kai's antics, the crew beats him up, and it's all conveniently caught on tape. As fans will see in future episodes, he'll later use it to his advantage.

3. The election reawakens phobias for Sarah Paulson's character.

Frank Ockenfels/FX

Unlike past seasons, Cult is the first that does not feature any supernatural elements, but there are still plenty of gory scenes and WTF moments that will keep you up all night.

Many of those come with Paulson's liberal character, Ally Mayfair-Richards. Despite the fact that she voted for Green Party candidate Jill Stein -- something her wife, Ivy (AHS newcomer Alison Pill), continues to bring up -- Ally seems to be more distraught by Trump's victory than any other character. Ally's fear of what will happen to the country (and her marriage) brings back her severe anxiety and biggest phobias, like clowns, holes, blood, coffins and tight spaces.

Fans get a sneak peek at just how intense these hallucinations are during the first episode, with Ally having a panic attack inside the grocery store... and using a bottle of rosé as her weapon.

3. A character from season four is back!

Twisty the Clown (John Carroll Lynch) makes his return with blood, baseball bats and inaudible one-liners. The serial killer appears within the first 10 minutes and is just as terrifying as he was in AHS: Freak Show.

Clowns are a running theme in Cult. In addition to the return of Twisty and Ally's biggest fear, a group of people wearing clown masks will continue to murder various residents in their town, in what feels like scenes from The Purge.

4. What's with Winter Anderson?

Frank Ockenfels/FX

Billie Lourd's character, Winter Anderson (Kai's sister), is introduced as a student who put her education on hold to campaign full time for Clinton. "She was supposed to win," Winter says to her friend on the phone, just moments after she watches the election results on MSNBC. "Is this really happening? Oh my God."

But during the phone call, we learn Winter used to self-harm. Her character gets even creepier when she has an eerie conversation with Kai as the two interlace their pinky fingers while opening up about their biggest fears and greatest pleasures.

Later in the episode, Ally and Ivy hire Winter as their son Ozzie's babysitter when their Hispanic nanny suddenly flees with no warning. We quickly see that Winter has a dark side herself, encouraging Ozzie to look fear in the face after she discovers his Twisty the Clown comic book.

As the neighbors across the street are being murdered by the clown posse, Winter takes Ozzie over to the house to get a closer look, but later lies about it when Ally and Ivy return home. Second to Kai, we have a feeling Winter may be one of the season's most dangerous characters.

AHS: Cult airs Tuesdays at 10 p.m. ET/PT on FX.