'American Idol': Fire, a Stripper and Single Mom, Cries as Young Daughter Watches Tough Audition

The 22-year-old performer said she wanted a better life for her daughter before her challenging audition.

It was a difficult night for American Idol hopeful Fire. During Sunday's episode of the music competition show, the 22-year-old Oklahoma native, who went by the stage name Fire, brought her almost 4-year-old daughter with her into her audition in front of judges Katy Perry, Luke Bryan, and Lionel Richie.

At first Fire called herself a dancer and when Perry asked what kind of dance, she clarified that she is a stripper. She went on to explain that she had a difficult childhood and that now she wants a better life for her young daughter.

"The world's not designed for single moms to be successful, so I did what I had to do. I need to do better. I need to get away from dancing," Fire shared. "I need to do this for me. I need to do this for my daughter."

Fire's daughter watched her mom perform Bruno Mars' song "Talking to the Moon" as the judges looked on. After the performance was over, Perry gave Fire some suggestions and had her attempt to hit some more powerful notes outside of her falsetto.

Ultimately, judges Bryan and Richie said that they didn't feel that Fire's audition was strong enough for her to advance on. In a heartbreaking moment, her daughter tried to hand her a golden ticket to Hollywood, and Fire tearfully asked the little girl to put the slip of paper back where she'd found it.

Perry, however, offered the single mom a second chance as Fire wiped away tears. She invited Fire to audition again when the trio visited Nashville, Tennessee, for auditions in a month.

"That's where you're going to show us what the fire is, OK? I know you didn't name yourself that for nothing," Perry said.

The three judges announced that the performer's audition was "to be continued."

For more emotional Idol moments, watch the clip below: