'America's Got Talent': Jimmie Herrod Closes Out 1st Semifinals With Epic Pink Cover - See All the Highlights!

AGT Season 16
Trae Patton/NBC

NBC's hit talent competition returns Tuesday for the first night of the semifinals!

America's Got Talent returned to TV on Tuesday for the first semifinals night of season 16! ET is following along throughout the two-hour episode to break down all the best, biggest and most surprising moments from the night!

Simon Cowell, Howie Mandel, Sofia Vergara and Heidi Klum will be judging and voting on the cream of the crop contestants who made it past the challenging quarterfinals as the remaining hopefuls give it their all in hopes of keeping their AGT dreams alive.

During last Wednesday's third and final elimination night, the judges pared down the competition, selecting seven acts to move forward to the semifinals, and sending five acts packing. The hopefuls moving on included Golden Buzzer-winning quick change artist Lea Kyle, the acrobatic group Rialcris, the enormous dance crew ChapKidz, songstress Brooke Simpson and Golden Buzzer winners the World Taekwondo Demonstration Team. Meanwhile, voice artist Michael Winslow won the audience save and unicycle dance crew UniCircle Flow earned the judges save.

Tonight, the fun kicks off at 8 p.m. ET/PT on NBC, and you can follow along with ET for a look at all the acts who gave it their best shot during the third live quarterfinals round of America's Got Talent.

Jimmie Herrod Belts Out Epic Pink Cover

Jimmie Herrod has an incomparable voice -- this is just an objective truth.

This time around, however, he elevated things even more than anyone expected, belting out Pink's "Glitter In the Air" to the delight of everyone.

"Bravo, Jimmie. You are a show stopper I mean, I didn't think you could get better than what you did the other day. You are unbelievable," Sofia shares. "This is how a semi-final performance should be."

"Jimmie, that was a master class what an amazing, amazing singer you are," Simon adds.

"You're by far the best singer in this competition. What you do is perfection," Heidi shares.

As of now, Jimmie is by far the one to beat this season.


Gina Brillon Makes Comedy Look Effortless

Gina Brillon hits the stage and feels like she's been a seasoned comedy pro for her entire life.

This week, her comedy is based things like motherhood, weddings, and spanx, and she has the judges laughing out loud throughout her set.

"You're like a firecracker! You make me laugh. You make us all laugh," Heidi says. "You deserve a spot at the finale."

The set is so good, it even forces Simon to show some real humility.

"I was a bit critical of you last time," Simon says. "I'm going to be the first to admit, I was talking out of my ass."

Korean Soul Tries a New Kind of Tune

Korean Soul has had to fight hard to get to the semifinals, and they want to bring their best tonight.

The group decides to change things up from past performances with a cover of "You Say" by Lauren Daigle that shows off their harmonies and their vocal nuances.

However, the act seems to leave Simon cold.

"Let me start with a positive the song choice was a million, billion times better than the one before," Simon says, before adding that the guys "sounded out of tune."

The other judges, however, seemed to disagree.

"To my untrained ears it sounded amazing," Sofia shares. "It sounded better than the last time."

"I liked you guys better this time around. Every one had a moment to shine. That's what I really like," Heidi marvels. "I think you stepped it up."

Dustin Tavella Brings Emotion to Magic

Dustin Tavella has a great way of incorporating his personal life into his magic -- and his semifinals act is particularly elaborate and heartfelt.

The act itself is yet another impressive prediction act, where he has each of the judges choose different elements and then proves he knew what they would all choose.

There are a few hiccups -- such as asking Howie to choose a colored envelope only to learn that Howie is colorblind -- but manages to still pull it all off.

"Apart from the magic that you do, you are a born story teller," Simon says. "That's what makes you unique you make us feel happy and emotional as well. That's what's so special about you. Dustin, I think you're going to be in the final."

Madilyn Bailey Delivers Touching Original Tunes

Madilyn Bailey is having a tough time catching a break from Howie Mandel.

The singer hits the stage and delivers an emotional original song dedicated to her late grandmother called "Red Ribbon." 

It's a heartbreaking and genuinely beautiful song that brings her to tears as she sings it.

However, after the performance, Howie calls the act "boring" and says he just didn't find himself interested.

Heidi goes on to say she feels Madilyn "nailed" the difficult number, and then Simon spent all of his feedback time (and Sofia's feedback time) praising Madilyn and saying that Howie doesn't know what he's talking about.

It was definitely a strange but over-all positive reaction (presumably, since we don't know how Sofia felt about it).


World Taekwondo Demonstration Team Amps Up the Energy

The World Taekwondo Demonstration Team deserve to already be Las Vegas superstars.

Their act tonight took everything they've brought in the past and just elevated the excitement, the danger and the true showmanship.

"Honestly you are my favorite act so far tonight! This was the best act of the night," Howie marvels. "This was something that I could watch for two hours straight."

"When you think 'Could it get repetitive?' No! It never does!" Heidi says. "You always top it. You bring something else. This time you brought the blind folds. It was incredible!"

Tory Vagasy Feels the Love Tonight

Tory Vagasy is one of the season's two big Broadway singers -- and she routinely delivers numbers that are absolutely flawless.

She should just already be on Broadway, now. And tonight, she proves it yet again with her cover of "Can You Feel the Love Tonight" from The Lion King that is just breathtaking.

Simon says her act was "good" but suffered having followed Aiden and was "too safe for the semifinals."

"Any Broadway stage would be lucky to have you, and you know what? We here on AGT we're lucky to have you right here if you ask me, this was another flawless performance," Heidi shares.

Aidan Bryant Flies High With Fire!

After being one of the biggest and best highlights from the quarterfinals rounds, this self-taught teenage aerialist is showing exactly what a Las Vegas show could look like tonight!

Hitting the stage with massive set pieces, pyrotechnics, live drummers and incredible style, Aiden is giving the first real show stopping performance we've seen thus far.

"We look for a step up in this competition, as you would in the Olympics or anything else. In my opinion, this was a gold medal performance," Simon says.

Howie says he's "beyond impressed" with the performance and Heidi praises him for delivering his "best choreography" to date.

Beyond Belief Dance Company Goes Above and Beyond

These young dancers and AGT hopefuls are not here to waste their second chance.

The group were selected as the judges' wild card act, after previously getting eliminated. So, they are taking their act to a new level for tonight's show.

The performance includes Heelies, confetti and a whole lot of fun, and gets a huge standing ovation from the crowd when the number wraps up.

"You rose to the occasion, you delivered, and I wish you the best of luck," Howie shares.

"There's something about this group, there's a sense of optimism about you, there's fun," Simon says. "Right now, the whole world needs that optimism and fun and that's what you stand for."

Michael Winslow Returns After Being Saved

Michael Winslow, the man of 1000 voices and sounds, barely managed to make it through the quarterfinals, and earned the audience vote, which let him find his spot in tonight's semifinals.

Wanting to come into this round more prepared, Winslow returned to the things that made him a comedy legend: the sounds!

Instead of an elaborate story, he opts for an interactive type of show in which the judges choose categories of sounds, and he brilliantly mimics them, with some humor thrown in.

"I have so much respect for you, for the fact you entered this competition," Simon says. "The fact you were so nervous last week, it showed I'm not going to lie. Tonight, you were just funnier you were more relaxed."

Each of the judges love the act, and it will be interesting to see how viewers at home respond to his sense of humor and his unique talent.

Peter Rosalita is Ready to Make His Dream a Reality

After a brief technical hiccup (as is the way with live shows), this 10-year-old crooner hits his stride belting out a diva-worthy cover with "Without You" that shows just how wild and impressive his range is -- not just for a child, but for anyone!

The production on the number includes some great lighting cues and a shower of silver glitter and it all comes together brilliantly.

"Your voice is as powerful as you are adorable," Heidi marvels.

Sofia gives him credit for not letting a tech problem throw him, and praised him for taking control of the situation instead of panicking.

Simon says the song was great and his professionalism is great.

"I really like you, Peter, I think America is going to love you and that performance," Simon says.

The Semifinals Are Here!

Tonight's competition is set to be a wild, fun thrill ride -- and we're gonna see the return of a previously eliminated act!

Tonight's slate of 11 performers includes the Beyond Belief Dance Company, which was previously eliminated in the first quarterfinals but came back as part of the judges' Wild Card act!

Tonight is poised to be something really special.

Check out the video below to hear more from the judges about this season's live quarterfinals rounds, and check out one of the most memorable performances from the previous round of competition!