'America's Got Talent' Sneak Peek: Mind Reading Duo The Sentimentalists Leave Judges Stunned (Exclusive)

This vintage-styled pair of magical mentalists wow the judges on the upcoming all-new 'AGT.'

While the judges on America's Got Talent are no strangers to magic and illusion, a good display of mentalism is always pretty mind-blowing.

In this exclusive sneak peek of Tuesday's America's Got Talent, which showcases the final night of auditions for season 14, the judges get a visit from The Sentimentalists, a pair of skilled mentalists with a decidedly retro '40s flair.

Chris Doyle, who goes by the stage name Mysterion, is joined by his longtime magic act partner Steffi Kay for this display of skill, and the pair once again show why AGT is the perfect showcase for illusion, mentalism and prestidigitation.

To show off their mind-reading skills, the pair have an assistant collect small sketches from different members of the audience and bring them forth to the judges, with Gabrielle Union being the first to pull a drawing out of the basket.

Closing her eyes on stage, Steffi visualizes exactly what is on the piece of paper, which only Gabrielle can see.
"I'm sensing something… it's the Earth," Steffi says from stage. "Did you-- did you draw a tree? I see a tree there."

Union can't keep from looking shocked as the paper is held up revealing a small penciled sketch of a bushy tree.

Fans who want to see the entirety of The Sentimentalists' astounding audition will have to tune into AGT on Tuesday at 8 p.m. ET/PT on NBC.