Amy Schumer Opens Up on Trying to 'Make It Work' With the Wrong People Before Meeting Her Husband (Exclusive)

The 36-year-old actress gushes about her husband and says she's relieved to no longer be bother with 'those other suckers' while dating.

Amy Schumer is gushing about her new hubby, chef Chris Fischer -- and no longer having to bother with "those other suckers" in the dating scene.

Schumer opened up to ET's Nischelle Turner about married life while promoting her new film, I Feel Pretty. She gushed over her hubby, saying, "I really love this dude and he's a chef," and said she was relieved to be done with dating.

"Yeah. I do feel different. I'm done. I don't ever have to zip my knee boots up and leave a dude's place at 4 a.m. that has, like a Rottweiler," she joked.

Schumer and Fischer got married in February after a whirlwind romance, surrounded by celebrity guests such as Chelsea Handler, Aidy Bryant and Vanessa Bayer. While the two had been spotted out in November, they didn't go public with their relationship until a few days before the surprise wedding.

Schumer said she was tired of trying to "make it work with people that weren't right," but is happy she stuck with Fischer despite the duo starting out as friends. 

"I just knew i didn't want to settle. I'll be fine on my own. Maybe I'll fall in love a couple more times but I don't need that partner," she said. "And then I met the person I wanted to partner up with. I didn't know right away. I knew him for seven months before it became romantic, but once I knew, I knew quick. I was like 'Oh, I'm done. I can't believe I messed with those other suckers.'

I Feel Pretty hits theaters on April 20.

For more Schumer on being married, watch the video below.