'And Just Like That' Season 2, Episode 6 Recap: One Shocking Split and Carrie's Email to Aidan

The 'Sex and the City' reboot hints at the return of one of Carrie Bradshaw's major love interests.

Spoiler alert! If you haven't watched season 2, episode 6 of And Just Like That, proceed with caution. 

A bomb cyclone storm, a condom scavenger hunt, two emotional breakups, and one crucial email dominated Thursday's episode of the Sex and the City Max reboot, And Just Like That. 

Carrie Bradshaw (Sarah Jessica Parker) proved she's still working girl goals as she kicked off the episode rearranging her laptop in the perfect configuration for a Zoom interview only to have the interviewer ask her favorite lip color when she was trying to discuss her new memoir about the death of her husband, Mr. Big (Chris Noth). Thankfully the computer "literally leapt to its death" so she could get out of that nightmare. 

At a girls night dinner with Miranda Hobbes (Cynthia Nixon), Charlotte York Goldenblatt (Kristin Davis) and Nya Wallace (Karen Pittman), the subject of Carrie's past loves comes up. Enter: The Aidan Shaw moment fans have been waiting for. 

Noting they've had "no contact" in years, Carrie admits that she knows, "He's living in VA now and he got divorced five years ago and he sold his furniture company to West Elm for quite a pretty penny."

Fans will recall that the last time we saw Aidan (John Corbett) was in Abu Dhabi for the franchise's second film, Sex and the City 2. The exes shared a steamy kiss that immediately made Carrie feel guilty and tell Mr. Big. In the best reaction of all time, he moved past the moment by gifting her a black diamond ring. 

But now that it's been more than a year since Big's death, Carrie has Aidan on the brain and drafts an email to her ex-fiancé, starting with "Hey Stranger." 

Craig Blankenhorn/Max

In the email, she says she was thinking of him and wondering how he was doing. Though she doesn't send it at first, it's clear something will be happening in the future. After trekking through the elements in the world's most fabulous puffer coat of all time, Carrie has a successful appearance at "Widow Con," reading an excerpt from her book. The moment inspires her to move on and she ends the episode by saying, "And just like that, I realized some relationships are meant to stay in the past and some aren't," and pressing send on Aidan's note. 

Meanwhile, Charlotte's daughter, Lily (Cathy Ang), makes the announcement that she's planning to lose her virginity to her boyfriend. For a brief rewind here, Lily stealing Carrie's phone is the reason behind her failed first wedding to Mr. Big. Lily's piano recital is the reason Carrie wasn't home when Mr. Big had his heart attack. And now Lily ends up sending her poor mother out into a bomb cyclone snow storm to buy her condoms so she can lose her virginity. And we couldn't help but wonder if Lily is actually the villain of the SATC franchise.

Craig Blankenhorn/Max

In a much less lighthearted storyline, Miranda is still dealing with her estranged marriage to Steve Brady (David Eisenberg) and her tense romance to nonbinary comedian Ché Diaz (Sara Ramirez). 

Ché is deeply depressed by the knowledge of their failed pilot and Miranda is trying to cheer them up. But Miranda is furious when Ché turns on the charm for their Cameo messages but can't muster anything for her. 

"I'm sorry, I'm not climbing out of my deep depression fast enough for you," Ché snaps at Miranda, who prepares to walk out. "Oh great, you're leaving? Another thing for me to feel bad for you."

Miranda makes it clear that she doesn't deserve this treatment and Ché agrees. Finally, we're beginning to see some of the old fight the former lawyer was known for.  

But after Steve promised to find a new place, it doesn't look like he's actually going to follow through. When Miranda confronts him about it, Steve blows up declaring that this Brooklyn pad is, in fact, his home regardless of what the deed says. He reminds Miranda that she never wanted to live in Brooklyn, never wanted him and then throws out that she never wanted their son, Brady. 

This reminder of Miranda's original plan to get an abortion causes her to, understandably, break down sobbing as Steve begs her to stay. Cut to Miranda and Steve lying in bed together (clothed) in the exact same shot that was shown in the first Sex and the City movie when Miranda learned that Steve had had an affair. 

"I hate that I hurt you so much. I wish there was something I could do that could help us move past…" Miranda says before noticing a used condom wrapper on the bedside table. 

Craig Blankenhorn/Max

She realizes that Steve has been having sex with a younger woman in their bed and is suddenly freed from her guilt over their split. 

"You enjoy your locally sourced, organic sex and I'll start writing up the divorce papers," Miranda declares, adding, "And don't worry about me, I will not be crying on the subway tonight."

Miranda then heads over to Ché's apartment, saying of her split from Steve, "We should definitely have split up earlier while we still had a chance to be friends."

A tearful Ché replies, "That's kind of what I've been thinking about you and me. From where we are now, this probably isn't going to get better."

And we couldn't help but wonder, what will Miranda do when she's craving her some Ché?? 

Ché and Miranda are then seen lying in that same position in bed as the redhead says, "Two back-to-back breakups. I'm killing it over here."

Though their romance was controversial in the SATC fandom, Miranda's new single status does come as a bit of a surprise.  

And with hints of Aidan in the future, and the promise of a Samantha Jones (Kim Cattrall) cameo, we certainly will be waiting with bated Manolos to see what happens next. 

New episodes of And Just Like That stream Thursdays on Max.