Kim Cattrall Says She'll 'Never Say Goodbye' to Samantha Jones, Talks Her 'And Just Like That' Future

The 66-year-old 'Sex and the City' star opens up about her upcoming cameo on the Max reboot.

Kim Cattrall isn't closing the door on Samantha Jones. The 66-year-old Sex and the City staple previously confirmed that she is returning for the season 2 finale of the show's Max reboot, And Just Like That, for a brief cameo as the sex-positive PR expert. 

In a sneak peek clip of an upcoming interview on Today With Hoda & Jenna, Cattrall also touches on the future of Samantha. 

"I don't think I'll ever say goodbye to Samantha. She's like a lot of other characters that I've done over the years. I get very emotionally attached and protective of my characters," Cattrall shares with Hoda Kotb and Jenna Bush Hager. "She gave me so much, and I'm so appreciative of her."

When asked about returning for season 3 of the spin-off series, Cattrall replies, "That's as far as I'm going to go," seemingly implying that her season 2 cameo was the extent of her time on the series. 

Cattrall also describes filming the appearance, which reportedly took place back in March. 

"It felt like dipping my toe back in time and having a wonderful afternoon and then a great martini," the Glamorous star shares. 

ET also spoke with Cattrall at the Tribeca Film Festival premiere of Happy Clothes: A Film About Patricia Field, where she expressed her excitement for the return to the Sex and the City franchise. 

"Looking forward to it! Looking forward to the fans seeing it," Cattrall told ET. 

Field -- the costume designer who famously styled Cattrall and her co-stars, Sarah Jessica Parker (Carrie Bradshaw), Cynthia Nixon (Miranda Hobbes), and Kristin Davis (Charlotte York Goldenblatt) for the original series -- also spoke with ET about Cattrall's cameo, which she also styled. 

"I wasn't shocked," Field said of Cattrall's return. "I was very happy. I was very happy to work with Kim. She trusts me. She believes in me. It's just smooth and lovely all the time." 

Cattrall has been distanced from the franchise for years, making multiple comments about her time on the series and specifically calling out Parker for her treatment. 

Parker has denied that there is a feud between her and Cattrall, noting that she has never spoken against her co-star. When ET spoke with Parker earlier this month about Samantha's return, the show's star said she was "really excited about the idea." 

"I thought it was a really good idea and I was thrilled that, you know, we could make it happen and that it worked for her and it's just really nice to see," Parker said. "It's really nice. I was really pleased."

New episodes of And Just Like That stream every Thursday on Max.