'And Just Like That' Season 2, Episode 7 Recap: Aidan Returns and Miranda Defines Her Sexuality

In this week's episode, Carrie Bradshaw comes face-to-face with one of her most famous exes.

Spoiler alert! If you haven't seen season 2, episode 7 of And Just Like That, proceed with caution. 

We hold these truths to be self-evident — that Carrie Bradshaw doesn't know how to quit a man and that Lily York Goldenblatt is the central villain in the Sex and the City franchise. 

Thursday's latest installment of the Max spinoff series, And Just Like That, featured the long-anticipated return of one Mr. Aidan Shaw (John Corbett). Carrie (Sarah Jessica Parker) nervously shares that Aidan responded to her obvious booty email asking her out to dinner on Thursday, which just so happened to be Valentine's Day. Of course, Charlotte York Goldenblatt (Kristin Davis) takes this information and runs with it with Carrie describing her pal as "Cupid on steroids." 

Craig Blankenhorn/Max

Starry-eyed optimistic Charlotte is back and ready to find soulmates in every corner of Manhattan! Meanwhile, Miranda Hobbes (Cynthia Nixon) is newly single and unsure of her sexuality until she bumps into Amelia (Miriam Shor), a woman famous for her sexy audiobook readings of Jane Austen books… because apparently that is a job. Sparks fly and Miranda shoots her shot and lands a Valentine's Day date. 

"We both have hot dates for Valentine's Day and we are 56 years old," Miranda excitedly tells Carrie, who makes the statement of the century: "Wow, Lesbian Miranda's a lot." 

Meanwhile, poor Ché Diaz (Sara Ramirez) has given up their dreams of stardom and is settling for working at an animal rescue shelter. Is that what a Miranda breakup does to a person?

Craig Blankenhorn/Max

But let's rewind to Charlotte for a second. The new momager in training (take notes, Kris Jenner!) is managing her child Rock's new modeling career and also making sure her home is available for her daughter, Lily, to have an "eff the boys" night with her new popular friends. Why does Lily need an "eff the boys" night? Well, after making her mother trek through a bomb cyclone snowstorm to bring her condoms so she could lose her virginity, Lily promptly got dumped by her boyfriend. 

So she invites the popular girls over and they bring brownies, which Charlotte takes a bite out of. See where we're going with this? Cut to Charlotte and Harry waiting for their dinner reservation, only for Charlotte to decide she's having a stroke causing her husband, Harry, to rush her to a hospital. Long story short, Lily's friends' brownies were actually pot brownies, which make Charlotte and her husband think she was dying and resulting in a pricy ambulance ride and emergency room bill. Let's hope Lily's less-than-promising songwriting career starts bringing in a profit so she can pay her parents back. She already had a hand in taking out Mr. Big (Chris Noth) in season 1. 

This not-so-near-death experience makes Charlotte rethink her life and she decides she wants to go back into the art gallery world. 

Craig Blankenhorn/Max

Miranda's Valentine's date turns out to be a dud when her Mrs. Darcy invites her over to her messy home with a dirty cat litter box in a cluttered studio apartment that has a bed with no sheets on it. 

"I may be different but dating isn't. It's still a s**t show, a cat s**t show," Miranda tells Carrie on the phone before deciding that she can totally date and dash, leaving the scary apartment behind. 

So that leaves us with Carrie and Aidan's big (no pun intended) reunion. There's a bit of restaurant confusion, but all's forgiven when these two lock eyes and go in for a tight hug. 

"What are the chances?" Aidan asks. 

Well, Mr. Shaw, considering you are one of Carrie's two great loves and the other one is six feet under, we'd say the chances are rather high. 

Speaking of the Big elephant in the room, Aidan immediately addresses it, expressing his sadness at the loss of "John," because, remember, that's Big's name. 

It seems these two are totally in sync, despite Aidan not opening up about his own divorce or personal life drama, or the fact that he has three sons, who have to be teens at this point. 

Craig Blankenhorn/Max

In fact, there's no drama at all until the two make it back to Carrie's apartment complete with all of Aidan's most painful memories

"We're back where we started. But this is where we ended. With that f**king wall I couldn't break through and those floors, remember the floors we did? It's all bad. It's all in there," Aidan says. Also, let's not forget your shoe-massacring dog, Pete, Aidan. It wasn't all Carrie's fault. 

"It's the same place, but we're not in the same place," Carrie assures him. "And really it doesn't even look the same. I hung wallpaper and I've repainted. And it wasn't all bad, Aidan, was it?"

But Aidan seems firm in his unwillingness to relive their complicated history as the two say a tearful goodbye. 

In true Aidan fashion, he makes a last-minute about-face, and declares, "F**k it, this is New York. They have hotels, right?"

"And just like that, Aidan and I were back on the same page," Carrie declares as the pair fall into each other's arms for a passionate kiss before the credits roll.  

So it looks like Carrie is back at it with the furniture designer extraordinaire. But only time will tell if it will last. In the meantime, might we suggest he avoids Lily?

New episodes of And Just Like That stream Thursdays on Max.