Anderson Cooper Jokes About Andy Cohen's Baby Benjamin and His Side Eye: 'He's Very Judgy'

Andy Cohen Anderson Cooper
Rob Kim/Getty Images

"In general, I think babies are very judgy but he's particularly judgmental."

Anderson Cooper already has some aspirations for his new nephew.

On Wednesday's Late Show With Stephen Colbert, the 51-year-old newsman opened up about being an uncle to pal Andy Cohen's newborn son, Benjamin. Cooper first commented on a photo of himself holding baby Benjamin while his dad stood by proudly.

"If you look closely at Benjamin's face in that picture, he's got amazing side eye," Cooper quipped. "He's got this side eye look, he's very judgy. In general, I think babies are very judgy, but he's particularly judgmental."

Colbert chimed in, "He's looking at you like, 'Who's this bookish lumberjack?'"

Cooper also has big plans for Benjamin when he and Cohen start up their AC2 tour again. "I want Andy to take the kid on tour because I think the kid has been freeloading long enough," he joked. "It's been, like, two months. It's time to monetize him. ...It's about time he contributed."

Colbert responded, "Now you're thinking show business."

"Yes! Push that kid out!" Cooper further joked. "It never hurt, like, Liza Minnelli. She did it, she was out there. ...It's good for them."

The journalist then revealed that he had a job growing up. "I know, I was a child model. I know how it is," he shared. "I had to contribute as a kid. My mom [Gloria Vanderbilt] was like, 'You know what, it's time you get out there. You're 10, you've wasted 10 years not earning.'"

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