Anderson Cooper Says Andy Cohen's Son Benjamin Microwaved His Son Wyatt's Talking Teddy Bear

Anderson Cooper Andy Cohen
Charles Sykes/Bravo/NBCU Photo Bank/NBCUniversal via Getty Images

Anderson Cooper dishes on his weekly play dates with Andy Cohen and their adorable sons.

Anderson Cooper is dishing about what play dates are like when it comes to him and his son, Wyatt, spending time with his good pal, Andy Cohen, and Cohen's son, Benjamin.

Cooper appeared on Jimmy Kimmel Live! on Thursday and shared that Cohen and Benjamin visit him and Wyatt every weekend, usually on Sundays.

"I'm just starting to realize, he's just coming over because he doesn't know what else to do with his son with all this time," he said with a laugh. "He just needs a place to go."

Cooper noted that 2-year-old Benjamin can't really play too much with Wyatt since Wyatt is less than a year old. But he did tell a hilarious story about one incident that occurred, when Benjamin microwaved Wyatt's teddy bear.

"You have no idea," he joked when Kimmel said that not only did he have to watch Wyatt, but babysit Cohen's son too. "Somebody gave my son a bear that, like, talked or clapped. My son hadn't even played with it, and all of a sudden there's like this smell and some smoke. And we realized that Andy's son has taken my son's bear and put it in the microwave and turned it on. He baked the bear. It was in there for, like, 10 seconds and literally there was smoke coming out. ... Kids do the darndest things."

Kimmel laughed and cracked, "Keep Wyatt away from the Cohen boy. I don't know how many times I've told ya."

Back in November, Cohen talked about a "breakthrough" that happened between Benjamin and Wyatt during one of their play dates when Cooper called in to SiriusXM's Andy Cohen Live.

"For the last couple months [I have] been taking Ben over on Saturday or Sunday to have a little hangout with Wyatt for a couple hours," Cohen shared. "I feel like for the first few times, Ben didn't really want anything to do with Wyatt, or to even acknowledge him. But I feel like last night was kind of a milestone."

Cooper added, "It was sweet. I was playing with them both and then [Ben] kissed Wyatt on the cheek and hugged him and it was so cute. He did that a couple of times. My heart kind of melted."

ET spoke with Cohen in March, and he set the record straight about a possible reality show with Cooper about their lives as dads. Watch the video below for more.