Anderson Cooper’s Son Watches Him on 'Jeopardy!' as He Guest Hosts: See the Adorable Pic!

Anderson Cooper
J. Countess/Getty Images

The CNN newsman's 11-month-old son looked enchanted while watching his dad on the TV screen.

Anderson Cooper's little boy couldn't be more fascinated by his dad's turn as a Jeopardy! guest host! The CNN newsman took his place behind the podium on Monday's new episode, and his 11-month-old son, Wyatt, appeared to be amazed at seeing his dad on TV.

Cooper revealed that this was Wyatt's first time seeing his dad on television, and he appeared to be enthralled in a photo Cooper posted to Instagram Monday evening.

"Wyatt has never seen me on tv before, and he likely won’t for a long while, but apparently he caught a bit of me on @Jeopardy!" Cooper captioned a photo of baby Wyatt, sitting on the edge of a bed with a toy in his hand and starring with rapt attention at the big TV screen in front of him.

"It was a dream come true to be guest hosting, and to pay tribute to #AlexTrebek and raise money for @hashaiti," Cooper added.

Many of the newscaster's famous friends commented on the post and marveled at how cute it was -- including Cooper's best friend and fellow dad, Andy Cohen, who wrote simply "Love this!"

Earlier in the morning, Cooper celebrated his first day as guest host with a photo from the set of the show.

"Tonight is the first night I guest host on Jeopardy! I rarely get nervous, but I definitely was the first moment I stood behind Alex Trebek’s podium," Cooper wrote. "It was a great honor and very moving for me."

Cooper continued, "I have watched @Jeopardy since I was in high school (back when i had brown hair.) I am such a fan of the show and miss watching Alex, who was the perfect host, and conducted himself with such intelligence, humor and grace."

"I will be on for the next two weeks, April 19-30th. I hope I do ok. #Jeopardy #AlexTrebek" Cooper concluded.

Famed Jeopardy! GOAT champion and previous guest host Ken Jennings recently spoke with Cooper to share some advice on hosting the show -- as part of a rotation of celeb guests that have helmed the series in the wake of Alex Trebek's death in November.

"The great thing about 'Jeopardy' is the game kind of runs itself. If you watch Alex, he had this light touch where he would do, you know, sometimes the least possible," Jennings suggested. "He would kind of take himself out of the spotlight and very generously put it on the players. And I found that the more you could do that, 'Jeopardy' kind of runs itself."

For more on Cooper and his adorable baby boy, check out the video below.