Andy Cohen Confronts Pal Anderson Cooper About Their Different Parenting Experiences

Cohen and Cooper have sons that are a year apart.

Andy Cohen is struggling with some major parenting envy. The 54-year-old Bravo host is keeping it real when it comes to his life as the father of 3-year-old Benjamin and 4-month-old Lucy. 

Cohen recently documented his struggles with Benjamin in a series of Instagram videos about his tantrum-filled vacation.

He later shared a funny video of himself and his longtime pal, Anderson Cooper, walking down the street with their sons. 

"So Anderson, I'm dealing with major mood swings and irrational temper tantrums. What are you dealing with these days?" Cohen asks his friend in the video. 

"I dunno, my kids are pretty great," Cooper, 55, says grinning while holding his 2-year-old son, Wyatt, on his shoulders. Cooper is also dad to 6-month-old son Sebastian. 

"Oh that's nice," Cohen says sarcastically. "So everything's peachy at your house? And you had a good vacation? Well, guess I'm alone then." 

Cohen captioned the video, "I DON'T feel heard!" 

Despite their varying temperaments, Benjamin and Wyatt are fast friends just like their famous dads. For April Fools' Day, Andy posted a cute shot of the kiddos in the Watch What Happens Live studio together. 

"What I love about this photo is it is so exactly like mini-me versions of Andy and I. Ben is just smiling like he's the host just like Andy -- always happy and stirring s**t," Anderson said of the photo during an appearance on The Late Show With Stephen Colbert in April. "And whenever I'm a guest on Andy's show, I'm staring at him with some confusion like, 'Why did I agree to be here? What am I doing here?'"


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