Andy Cohen Explains to Kim Zolciak Why She Wasn’t Invited to His Baby Shower

Kim Zolciak

“That’s weird, right?"

Things got a bit awkward on Sunday night’s Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen, when guest Kim Zolciak very bluntly brought up not being invited to Cohen’s recent Real Housewives baby shower, which featured all of the current Housewives. 

Zolciak, 40, was an original cast member on The Real Housewives of Atlanta, through season five of the Bravo series. She also returned to the show in seasons nine and 10 in a guest role. She currently stars in her own Bravo series, Don’t Be Tardy

"You were talking about how you were not invited to my baby shower, that is true,” Cohen said after Zolciak mentioned her lack of invitation. 

"That’s weird, right?” Zolciak asked. 

"Here’s why you weren’t. But I will say that I texted you that day, what I would consider to be a very nice text,” the new dad noted. 

"No, absolutely! I just had surgery the day before on my back, so I wouldn’t have been able to be there,” Zolciak conceded. 

Cohen went on to explain, "It was all current Housewives were invited and it was thrown by the five current Housewives. NeNe [Leakes] brought Phaedra [Parks] as a surprise.”

Parks was a main star on the show from seasons three to nine. 

"I was gonna say, that b**ch is old as f**k. Old, like a couple years ago,” Zolciak noted. 

"That was a surprise,” Cohen said of Parks’ appearance. 

"Did you like that surprise?” Zolciak asked. 

"Yeah! I’m always happy to see everybody,” Cohen said. 

"OK, you have to be,” Zolciak replied. 

Cohen claimed he regretted not having the mother of six at his shower. 

"Then that day I was thinking, ‘God, man, it would have been so great if Kim was there,’ and that’s when I texted you, ‘I just wanted you to know that I’m thinking of you and I wish that you were here,’” Cohen said. 

The Bravo host noted that he also wished former Housewives Jill Zarin and Caroline Manzo could have attended. 

Zolciak then cut Cohen some slack, saying, "It’s a lot for you to deal with, and you’ve done such a great job dealing with all of our crazy f**king a**es throughout the years. You really have, because it’s a lot of pressure. You can’t go to my wedding and not go to NeNe’s. It’s a balancing act for you and I have to give it up to you because you do it tastefully.”

Cohen welcomed his son, Benjamin Allen Cohen, earlier this month via surrogate. 

Baby shower talk wasn’t the only time things got uncomfortable during Sunday’s show. One caller tricked the live show’s system, asking Zolciak, "Why do you look half your age on Instagram, but twice your age on TV?”

Cohen quickly shut the caller down, saying, "I don’t think that was the question that was going to be asked there. Let’s move on!”

For more, watch the clip below: