Andy Samberg and Maya Rudolph Reflect on Their 'SNL' Friendship and Reuniting for 'Baking It' (Exclusive)

The hosts and longtime comedy pals open up to ET about their time on the set of their new holiday baking competition series.

Andy Samberg and Maya Rudolph are a sweet Christmas treat! The friends and Saturday Night Live alums are reuniting for some holiday deliciousness in their new series, Baking It.

The comedy stars recently spoke with ET's Matt Cohen about coming together as the hosts of the new holiday-themed baking competition series, and the pair had nothing but love as they reminisced about their bond and their days back in Studio 8H on SNL.

"I am very much so having a good time with my old pal," Rudolph shared. "It is a treat when you know you're gonna get to work with somebody who just makes you snort with laughter and good vibes."

Rudolph added that the pair "had a very lovely time being silly together. That's kind of all we know how to do is just be silly."

Samberg joined SNL in 2005, two years before Rudolph departed the series in 2007. However, during their time together the pair shared a special connection.

"Little known fact: Andy and I were actually eating buddies at SNL," Rudolph shared. "We were! We were self-proclaimed eating buddies. We ate a lot of food together, so we're kind of back where we started."

"We would eat together and we would just straight up dish," Samberg added with a laugh. "And there was some dishing during the downtime on Baking It, I'll tell you that!"

In the series -- which is a baking-themed version of NBC's crafting competition Making It -- Rudolph and Samberg serve as the charming hosts as eight teams of bakers face off against one another and face the opinions of the show's panel of "judgy grandmas."

"If you're into the holidays, this is definitely a good [show for you]," Samberg said. "The judges being four opinionated grannies definitely sets it apart from other baking and cooking competition shows."

For Rudolph, it was Making It host Amy Poehler -- one of Rudolph's close friends and fellow SNL alum -- who talked her into taking on the job.

"She very easily just said, 'It's the best, it's fun, you do it with a friend and it's a joy. I had so much fun doing it, so do it.' So I said, OK," she recalled.

"We've got families and jobs and pandemics, but this was a nice opportunity to be like fully tested, fully vaxed, dishing hard," Samberg added.

All episodes of Baking It are streaming now on Peacock.



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