Animated Prince George Sends Message to Everyone in Quarantine: 'Be Kind to Your Servants'

The Prince

Meet the sassy, royal star of HBO Max's 'The Prince.'

This certainly strikes a different tone than Queen Elizabeth's coronavirus address.

Prince George -- or, the animated version of Prince George who stars in his very own HBO Max series -- has a message for everyone quarantining at home amid the ongoing pandemic: His own royal rendition of "Imagine."

"Just kidding, just kidding! So out of touch" he says. "Cringe, am I right?"

"Anyway, I know self-isolating is difficult and we're all sick of being stuck in the same 775 rooms. Or, you know, studio apartment, it's different for everybody," cartoon George says. "But we're all in this together! Well, not me. I'm not in it with you. But everyone else. You're in it together."

The animated series, titled The Prince, hails from writer Gary Janetti and parodies the royal family through the eyes of the 6-year-old. Janetti himself voices George, with Lucy Punch and Iwan Rheon as Kate Middleton and Prince William, Orlando Bloom and Condola Rashad as Prince Harry and Meghan Markle and Frances de la Tour as Queen Elizabeth II.

"Hang in there. Keep making your little workout videos and cooking tutorials. It's all helping," Janetti's George concludes in the clip. "Not really, but who cares? Try to stay positive. And above all, be kind to your servants. They're doing the best they can. Even though lunch f**king sucked today."