Anne Hathaway Recalls Doubts of Making It in Hollywood During 'Princess Diaries' Days, Talks Possible Sequel

'I never thought that things would go this well.'

Anne Hathaway was always uncertain about how her career would progress.

ET recently sat down with Hathaway and her Hustle co-star, Rebel Wilson, and had the pair interview each other about everything from their prior films to their new flick. During the chat, Hathaway admitted she "had absolutely no idea" how successful her career would become while filming her breakout role of Mia Thermopolis in 2001's The Princess Diaries alongside Julie Andrews.

"I had a mistaken idea... that there would be a point where you'd made it enough that you would be able to stop hustling," she said. "Like, I thought there was gonna be a moment where you were just like, 'Oh great, now I get to sit back... I've won this... and my movies have done that and now people come to me'... That's never really happened."

"... When people say, you really have to love acting because it's hard, like that's an aspect of it that I don't think people think," Hathaway, 36, continued. "'Cause people think, 'Oh, I'm gonna get famous and it's just gonna be this really glamorous lifestyle,' but you really will have to work just as hard in a different way than you do in the beginning when nobody knows who you are. If you get successful it just becomes a whole other thing."

"I never thought that things would go this well, and I never thought that I'd still be, like, hitting the pavement as hard as I am now," she added. "But I do love it. I really feel lucky to do it."

Wilson's outlook wasn't quite so unsure, with the 39-year-old actress saying, "I weirdly have had this inner confidence in my life, where I always thought I'd be rich and successful."

"And then it happened and I was like, yeah. I was like, I thought it would," Wilson said. "... And friends who knew me when I was a kid, they go, 'Oh yeah. Well, you said you were gonna be an international movie star and you'd have a huge compound in Malibu.'"

As for whether Hathaway and Wilson ever plan to reprise some of their beloved characters, never say never.

Though Hathaway admitted to hearing "a thing or two" about a possible Princess Diaries 3 -- the second flick came out in 2004 -- the Ocean's 8 star said that it's "in Disney's hands." Despite a third Princess Diaries installment being uncertain, Hathaway and Wilson had an idea about how to pair up that franchise with Wilson's Pitch Perfect flicks.

"I want to know when the crossover's happening," Hathaway said. "I think there should be -- if only for internet purposes -- there needs to be, like a Pitch Perfect Genovia."

"Princess Perfect," Wilson suggested.

"The Princess' Perfect Pitch," Hathaway hilariously countered.

While the Princess Diaries and Pitch Perfect crossover is likely a ways away, Hathaway and Wilson's latest flick is sure to satisfy fans who are eager to see the two dynamic ladies share the screen. 

"It was such a joy to watch you do your thing that you do pretty much better than anybody," Hathaway praised of Wilson, who also produced the film, which is a female-focused remake of Dirty Rotten Scoundrels. "... It was so hard not to laugh. I would just love the moments when the entire crew would be like busting a gut laughing... and I would have to keep it together. I feel like my not breaking skills got much better working with you."

The flick was a perfect match for Wilson, who admitted to running some funny hustles since she was a child.

"I had to go to my dad's office and I was really bored. And there was only a fax machine to play with. So I typed up this letter -- cause it was before emails -- and I said I own a conglomerate of hotels in Australia and [asked if they] please would they send me a sample of their fine product -- which could be like a hair dryer or a toaster or something -- and I would consider putting it in my thousands of hotel rooms," she recalled. "... They would send me samples of free stuff... No one ever questioned it, why I was getting weird packages from overseas." 

More recently, Wilson hustled her way into a locked bathroom by feigning pregnancy.

"I was at the Santa Monica pier and I really wanted to go to the toilet, but it was late at night and they'd already locked up the toilets, I guess for safety or something," she said. "I found a person that worked there and said, 'Please sir, I just need to go to the toilet because I'm pregnant.' And I did a whole, full, pregnant waddle towards him and like grabbing my stomach. Totally worked. He unchained the toilets and I did a dump."

With The Hustle sure to be a hit, Wilson and Hathaway are already thinking ahead to casting Medusa -- an older female character set up in the flick -- for a potential sequel..

"[Sigourney Weaver] seems super smart and cunning," Wilson said of possibly casting the Alien star for the role. Hathaway agreed, calling her "fabulous" before admitting that "if she wanted to be mean to us, it would just like be devastating."

Wilson then offered up Meryl Streep -- with Hathaway quipping to her Devil Wears Prada co-star, "Meryl, you busy?" Judi Dench was another name thrown into the mix, with Hathaway also putting Helen Mirren and Julie Andrews up for consideration.

"I think it'd be very fun to see her be a c**t," Hathaway said of Andrews. "... I think it'd be very fun if we like wrote her a bunch of mean stuff... and she's a really b**ch to us, that could be hilarious."

The Hustle hits theaters May 10.