Are Meghan Markle and Prince Harry Having a Boy or a Girl? Here Are All the Clues

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle at engagement photocall in November 2017
Chris Jackson/Getty Images

Let's do a little royal reconnaissance...

It's a royal baby mystery.

For their first child together, Meghan Markle and Prince Harry are following the route that Prince William and Kate Middleton took for all three of their children, and keeping mum on Baby Sussex's gender until they are born. According to some royal reporters, the couple actually opted not to even learn this information themselves before the child's arrival.

Of course, none of this has stopped the continued rumors and speculation as to what the baby's sex will be, and throughout the course of Duchess Meghan's pregnancy, we have gotten some hints and breadcrumbs -- however faint they may be.

Until we actually know, let's do some royal reconnaissance in the meantime. Here are the clues as to whether Baby Sussex is a girl or a boy.

EXHIBIT A: The Baby Shower

This is where we get the most evidence as to what gender Baby Sussex will be -- though, some of it is contradicting.

Here's what we're working off of:

First, a source told Us Weekly in February that Meghan spilled that she's having a boy to attendees at her New York City baby shower event at The Mark Hotel. The Palace has not commented on the report.

Second, we do know that Meghan's friend, Abigail Spencer, showed up to the shower bearing a gift with blue paper mache, which decades of gender normativity would suggest the Timeless star had been tipped off that the duchess is expecting a baby boy.

However, that same dated color binary sends a different signal when you factor in the decor of the shower, pink flowers and cotton candy.

Take what you will from that, because going further back yields even less certainty.

EXHIBIT B: The Claim of Ignorance

If we are to take the duchess at her word, she and the duke have elected not to learn Baby Sussex's gender. That's what she said in January, according to royal reporters.

"They've decided not to find out the sex," royal expert Katie Nicholl told ET at the time, adding that they had made plans for a gender-neutral nursery.

"But according to sources who are helping with [their new home] renovations, the nursery itself is going to be very modern," Nicholl added. "Don't expect to see any baby pink or baby blue. Apparently, it's going to be a monochrome palette -- whites and grays, I'm told, will be the color theme for Baby Sussex's nursery."

However, reports that they weren't learning the sex have been called into question. In February, sources told Elle that Meghan and Harry had learned their baby's sex, but were electing not to reveal it publicly. If true, they'd be following in long-standing royal tradition, which was followed by Prince William and Duchess Kate for all three of their kids as well. 

Which leaves us with just one more detail...

EXHIBIT C: The Wishful Prince

We know Prince Harry wants a girl.

Now, who knows how much the power of positive thinking affects which chromosomes your offspring gets (science says... not at all), but for what it's worth, the Duke of Sussex himself made his wishes clear shortly after we learned of the pregnancy last fall.

During his trip to Australia last October, a fan called out "I hope it's a girl," regarding Baby Sussex, to which Harry replied, "So do I."

In conclusion, we probably won't know for sure until the royal bundle of joy is officially revealed to the public.

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