'Argylle' Cast Reacts to Taylor Swift Fan Theory Behind Book (Exclusive)

A viral fan theory argues that the book's author, Elly Conway, is really Taylor Swift in disguise.

Is Taylor Swift the mastermind behind Argylle? The new spy film and book has the internet buzzing, and the cast and crew are unsure if the star is responsible.

Speaking with ET's Nischelle Turner in London on Tuesday, stars Samuel L. Jackson, Henry Cavill, Bryce Dallas Howard, Sam Rockwell, Ariana DeBose, and John Cena weighed in on the viral fan theory that the "Karma" singer wrote the book that inspired the movie. 

In the fall, rumors started swirling online that Swift, 35, is the real-life Elly Conway -- the first-time author whose name is believed to be a pseudonym and whose book series fetched a $200 million movie deal from Apple, according to The Hollywood Reporter -- and that's why the movie was greenlit so quickly. The film is based on the fourth book in the Argylle series, however, only one book has actually been released to the public. 

Fans who indulge in the conspiracy point to a general Swift-like aesthetic in the film's trailer, the casting of Howard -- who eerily resembles Swift's character from All Too Well: The Short Film -- and the cat at the center of the story, a Scottish Fold, the same type of cat that Swift has.

The cast say they genuinely don't know who the book's real author is but they love the theory and are willing to let fans run with it if it entices them to check out the movie.

"I think that's great," said Cena, 46, which his co-star, DeBose, 32, agreed with. 

The pair said they are "stans" of the singer and esteemed businesswoman and that the theory -- while it may not be true -- worked out perfectly and created "the perfect storm" for their spy thriller. 

"It speaks volumes of how influential she can be and, of course, it's great for people to be aware of our film. We want people to see Argylle 'cause it's entertaining and if Taylor Swift and her fanbase can be a vocal voice for us," Cena said. "It's a movie about being a spy -- you know, the greater the spy the bigger the lie -- so to start off a marketing campaign or a push for awareness with some misdirection and deception, it couldn't be a better movie it happened to." 

Howard -- who plays the screen version of Conway -- said she found the theories to be "amazing" and added that whether or not Swift is the real author, she believes the "Bad Blood" singer played a major role in the book and therefore the film. 

"I mean, they were amazing. And I think in many ways, [the fans are] certainly not wrong about the inspiration of Taylor, like the argyle, the cat, and the backpack, and all of that," the Jurassic World actress told ET. "I mean, certainly – there are, you know – it's unconsciously inspired by Taylor Swift." 

One person who is not on board with the theory? The film's director, Matthew Vaughn, said he doesn't typically see rumors and speculation surrounding his films but he knew he had to squash this one quickly or he might be in trouble. 

"Well I, I don't normally [see the theories] but the Taylor Swift one came up on my radar cause my daughter told me off on not telling her," Vaughn, 52, said. "She said, 'You're not cool, dad. You've got to introduce me,' and I said 'I do not know Taylor. It is not true.'" 

Still, Vaughn admits that he found the theories to be "astonishing," telling ET that it is "weird the amount of odd connections" between the book, film, and the world's most famous singer. 

Cavill, 40, however, said that in spite of what the film's director says, he thinks it would be an interesting turn of events if Swift was actually behind it all. 

"I mean it would be kind of cool," Cavill said. "What if we double-bluffed and it actually was her?"

The British actor spoke with ET alongside Rockwell, 55, who admitted to not being current Swifties, but said they are willing to join the team. Cavill added that as a fan of the Kansas City Chiefs, he already has an in with the fandom. Similarly, Jackson said he doesn't consider himself a Swiftie but that he may be coming around to her. 

"I like new stuff," the Pulp Fiction actor said. "I mean, I'm – I'm fine with her. You know, I don't mind her being at the football games like other people do." 

You can watch the trailer for Argylle in the player below: 

Argylle, which also stars Dua Lipa, Sofia Boutella, Bryan Cranston, Catherine O'Hara, and Rob Delaney, releases in theaters on Feb. 2. 


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