Taylor Swift's Young Fan Who Jason Kelce Lifted Up Reveals How Singer Reacted to Meeting Her

Jason Kelce was the star of Sunday's Chiefs vs. Bills game as he made a young fan's dream come true.

Jason Kelce is officially the man after helping a young Taylor Swift fan share a sweet moment with her idol during Sunday's Buffalo Bills vs. Kansas City Chiefs game.

In a viral clip, a shirtless Jason made his way from the suites into the stands with fans, and lifted a young girl up so she could showcase her sign to the GRAMMY-winning superstar

"Let's show this to Taylor," Jason can be heard saying to the little fan, as he lifts her up in the direction of the suites. As the little girl gets into view of the pop star, she waves. Before putting her down, Jason turns to the camera and poses for a picture with the lucky fan.

On Tuesday, 8-year-old Ella Piazza, and her mother, Jessica Piazza, spoke to Hoda Kotb and Savannah Guthrie on the Today show about the moment. 

Ella, who was attending her first game with her family, had a sign that read, "Buffalo Bills + Taylor Swift — Best First Game Ever."

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Jessica told the women of Today that she and her family -- who were supposed to attend the postponed Bills game the week prior -- were seated on the opposite side of Taylor and Jason's suites. But that all changed when a friend of theirs allowed them to switch seats during halftime.

"It was halftime and a lot of people had left their seats to go to the bathroom or get a drink or whatever, and so we just tried climbing up higher and higher," Jessica said. "It was really Ella who was forging the path. When people saw her sign, everyone started helping her. It was really cute."

Ella chimed in about the moment Jason picked her up and made her dream come true.

"Then [he] came over here and then he picked me up and then I saw Taylor," Ella, who was still beaming from the moment, shared. "It was, like, amazing."

"She waved back and smiled," Jessica revealed about Ella's interaction with Taylor. "And Ella was in absolute heaven. She still probably doesn’t realize what a big star Jason Kelce also is. She just couldn’t believe she saw Taylor! The rest of the game, she was on cloud nine."

@barstoolsports Jason Kelce just gave that fan a lifetime memory meeting Taylor Swift 🥹 @chicksintheoffice ♬ snowfall - Øneheart & reidenshi

She continued, "It was amazing. She came down, and it was like the happiest I've ever seen her. She was crying, just of happiness. It was so cool."

The proud mom admits that she didn't realize it was Jason at first. Instead, she suspected it was former Bills quarterback Ryan Fitzpatrick -- who has been known to celebrate the same way.

Having Jason lift her daughter was no problem, as she knows he's a girl dad.

"He was so kind to her," she said about the Philadelphia Eagles center, who shares three daughters with wife Kylie Kelce.

"I was just so thankful that he gave her the chance to see Taylor because she was -- she was standing up there at the top of the bleachers with her sign just waiting and hoping and so brave -- she climbed all the way to the top," Jessica recalled.

Ella revealed that ahead of the game, she already had her mind made up that she would meet her idol -- even if she has friends who didn't have the same faith.

"I was thinking positive," she said. "But some of my friends weren't that positive." 

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Jessica shared that Ella's friends are going to have the chance to hear about the experience firsthand, when they FaceTime them on their way back to California.

"A lot of her friends' parents have been calling us because Ella’s friends are dying to talk to her," Jessica said. "So we are going to FaceTime all her friends on the way to the airport."

Sunday's playoffs matchup -- which saw the Chiefs defeating the Bills -- was a big day for fans. Jason proved himself to be a man of the people as he cheered for his brother shirtless inside and outside of the suites. As for Taylor -- who has become a fixture at Chiefs games since September -- she got a special shout-out from No. 87, who flashed the signature hand hearts in her direction after scoring a touchdown.