Ariana Grande Is Naturally Obsessed With Jeff Goldblum’s ‘Thank U, Next’ Spoof

Ariana Grande and Jeff Goldblum

We’re so frickin’ grateful for his pecks! 

Hilarity finds a way in the new “Thank U, Next” parody. The clip aired on Wednesday's The Late Late Show, and begins with James Corden stopping by Jeff Goldblum’s dressing room, declaring, "We should be saying, 'Thank you, Jeff.'”

The late-night host then performs a spoof of Ariana Grande’s new hit music video, which is cleverly titled, “Thank U, Jeff.”

In the spoof, Corden rocks silky pajamas, and looks at a “Thank U, Jeff” book, imitating Grande in the music video. 

"First saw him in The Fly, where his face was grotesque. Then he won independence from an alien mess,” Corden sings. "In Thor: Ragnarok, his performance was classic. But who could forget the hot doctor that he played in Jurassic?"

He goes on to croon some more versus, including, "He’s our silver fox with black thick-rimmed glasses. The way that he talks will charm off your a**es." Corden then exclaims, “I’m so frickin’ grateful for his pecks.” 

Goldblum gets in on the fun, taking over Kris Jenner’s Amy Poehler impression from the music video and holding up a video camera in the audience as Corden dances with men dressed as the 66-year-old actor's most iconic characters. 

Grande was quick to praise the spoof, tweeting: “Omg…. may I please…. please for Christmas have the thank u, Jeff book? It’s for a friend. promise.” 

It seems she’ll have to pry the book from Corden’s hands as he addresses it at the end of the video. "That journal with all the pictures of me, have you had that for a while? You compiled that?” Goldblum jokingly asks. 

"No… I’ll get rid of it,” Corden says bashfully. 

"I thought it was very sweet,” Goldblum replies. 

"I’ll keep it,” Corden says hurriedly before rushing out of the dressing room. 

Grande’s “Thank U, Next” music video was released last week and has already broken records on YouTube. Lots of stars, including Mark Ruffalo, Jennifer Garner, Reese Witherspoon, Tina Fey and more have reacted to it. 

For more “Thank U, Next” fun, watch the clip below:  


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