Ariana Grande Seduces Charles Melton & Stirs Up Drama in 'Break Up with Your Girlfriend, I'm Bored' Video

The singer gets sexual, seductive and super weird in her new music video featuring the 'Riverdale' star.

It's a big night for Ariana Grande fans!

Grande dropped her new album, Thank U, Next, on Thursday night, as well as the seductive, unsettling new music video for one of her latest songs, "Break Up With Your Girlfriend, I'm Bored."

The song itself is sure to get fans over-analyzing with its highly-sexual lyrics about about breaking up relationships and stealing other people's partners for mindless pleasure. 

However, the video itself paints a much different picture than one might expect from the lyrics themselves.

In the video, we see Ariana, rocking long blonde locks, sitting alone and drinking on a couch in the back of a dark, crowded nightclub. Her attention is suddenly grabbed by a handsome man (played by Riverdale star Charles Melton) who walks in with his girlfriend (played by model Ariel Yasmine), rocking a black ponytail that looks a lot like the one Ariana is famous for.

Taking an interest in the pair, Ariana walks through the sea of faceless club-goers and seductively introduces herself to the pair and seamlessly ingratiates herself into their circle. However, from both her fleeting glances and the overt lyrics, it's clear she wants this guy for herself.

This is when the whole video seems to reveal its darker thematic undercurrent as Ariana goes full-on Single White Female. Having befriended the couple, they invite her to a house party and she shows up having ditched her blonde hair in favor of a black, tightly-pulled ponytail that makes her look exactly like her love interest's new girlfriend.

Then there's the brief scene showing Ariana and her female rival staring at one another, as if looking in a mirror. As the camera spins around them the perspective switches back and forth until it's hard to tell who is who.

The undercurrent of unintended sexual chemistry between Ariana and the girlfriend also adds to the disorienting feel of the video, in which the singer's motivations and desires seem to be in flux, and maybe even unknown to her as well.

The stylish and colorfully vibrant video was once again directed by collaborator Hannah Lux Davis, who has helmed all of the music videos Grande has released for the songs off her latest album, starting with "Thank U, Next."

Check out the video below to hear more from the veteran music video director on the creation of the "Thank U Next" video, and all the details that went into making it the perfect homage to some beloved Hollywood comedies.



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